People on the Internet reveal secrets of lifelong friendships

Is it possible to maintain lifelong friendships? People on the internet reveal their secrets!!

We all want the Jay to our Veeru, Aditi to our Naina, or Circuit to our Munna. But rarely do we see a pair that can maintain a lifelong friendship. Maintaining friendship in the real world is a challenge weball face. 

People these days don’t have the time to invest in a friendship. But there are still instances we see that restore our faith in lifelong friendships. That makes us want to work on our relationships with our friends. 

People on the internet reveal their secrets of maintaining lifelong friendships and some of them are too good to not use!!

An user on reddit shared that,

“I think half the battle is just putting in the effort. One of my closest friends has been in my life for 11 years, we are different in almost every way and she lives 500 miles away from me. We made time to see each other, talk on the phone, whatever we have to do.

Another big part is being compatible as friends. You don’t have to have the same interests or do the same things- like I said, me and my friend are complete opposites, but we share the same fundamental values as people. I think that’s really important too.” – drugsandsocks

friendship goal

Another user wrote that-

“I… don’t end friendships because somebody messed up?

I accept that people make mistakes. I accept that most people are just trying to deal with their own crap and can’t always see everything that happens around them and sometimes act out and take things out on other people .”

From all these instances, it is quite clear that there are certain rules to go by to maintain lifelong friendships.

  • Make the effort. 

While making friends might be easy, maintaining that friendship is very difficult. It takes effort to actually maintain good relations with people. Investment of time and emotions goes a long way in keeping people in your life. maintaining that friendship

If your friend wants to go somewhere, try to make the effort to go with them. It might not be possible all the time, but it is important that you do try what your friend wants once or twice. It shows that you value the time spent together and that you care about their interests.

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Reach out to your friends. Don’t wait for contact to be made. Try initiating things on your own. Plan outings or things to do together. Or even a simple text or call from your side will make your friends feel valued. 

  • Listen and Ask

It is not enough to be present. It is also important that you take interest. If your friend wants to share something with you, then take interest in it. Try to be attentive and ask questions. Try telling stories too. But also, don’t overtake the conversation. Try to let them finish their piece before telling your story. This is the way both of you can maintain an interesting conversation.

interesting conversation

  • Express Gratitude

Friends are the people who can get you out of many troubles. These are the people with whom you can share things that you can’t with your family. So try to express gratitude to them so that they know they are valued and loved. Many people forget this basic thing which makes them look ignorant.

Don’t be ignored and acknowledge the role your friends play in your life. 

These are a few secrets to maintain lifelong friendships. Share your secrets too!!

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