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8 Commandments of female friendship You Should Always Follow

We are giving you 8 commandments of female friendship you should always follow:

In the secret password-protected corners of the girl’s cell phone, there is a WhatsApp group, discussing everything from the day’s bowel movement to world affairs. From memes to makeup, and screenshots of that one weird guy, we get expert advice on every topic.

This is Female Friendship.  Yes! This exists.

So why don’t they exist in most of our pop culture?

Everyone jumped on the bro code bandwagon with Jai and Veeru, but where was the ode to Basanti and Dhanno?

We celebrate the bromance of Munna and Circuit, but not Veejay Laxmi and Rani in Queen.

Most of the time all documents on friendship pertained to, Men and stories are dominated by male narratives.

While Siddharth, Aakash and Sameer were going for a road trip to Goa in Dil Chahta Hai, Anjali was fighting with Tina over Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Everyone knows about Ram and Laxman, but Trijita who was always there for Sita in her bad times is always forgotten. Sisterhood is not nearly as romanticized as bro code.

This may be because female friendships exist in a more subtle way. And sis-code also has a Laxman Rekha, you should never step out.

We are giving you 8 such commandments of female friendship you should always follow:

1.   Sisters Before Misters

Female friendship is not only about having drinks and hangovers together. Your BFFs should be there with you through thick and thin. They cheer you up after heartbreak; crown you with confidence when you are feeling low and make this world a better place to live.

2. Never date your friend’s EXES

Most of us know this rule, but some will come up with an argument that – Why Not! They broke up. Who cares?

To your surprise, everyone cares especially your girlfriend who must be feeling betrayed. Despite how much she says, “Oh! I have moved on.” NO, she has not.

So, you might be having a boyfriend now, but you lost a good friend. Remember her boyfriend is our brother, and her brother can be your boyfriend but only with a permit.

3. The sis-code

The sis-code is actually about keeping her secrets safe. Being a BFF brings huge responsibility. You must be knowing some of her secrets that only her phone knows.

So never spill the beans in front of less important ones. You can gossip about everything and everyone, but never about your friend.

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4. Don’t badmouth

It is better to confront your friend straight walking up to her, rather than bitching about her. Even if it is something questionable.

When you badmouth your friend, your friendship and credibility will always be at stake. People will never trust you, as if you can bitch about your bestie, you can bitch about them too.

5. Don’t let her date someone who is already taken

A feeling of disgust comes along when you get cheated on. So, others will also feel the same, when your behen becomes bitch.

‘Kyuki voh bhi to Kisi ki Behen Hai yrr’

So, never let her date someone who is already taken. Unless it is an open relationship.

6. Never lie to her

Even it is stupid and the dumbest thing you have ever done, never lie to your girlfriend. If you spot her partner somewhere in a questionable situation, just warn her. You may feel bad by making her upset, but this will save her from later damage. At least she has you to cry on.

7. Don’t flirt with your friend’s crush

If your sisso confessed her interest in someone and the guy is cute, tell this to your friend, not to that guy. Because this will be termed as flirting and against the sis-code.

8. Be her stylist

Not everyone is great with fashion and styling. And if your female friend’s date night outfit sucks, be honest and tell her. Style her right. If she is not confident about her body or hair, be a saviour and cheer her up.

There is no doubt that our girlfriends are our soulmates. So, girls break the stereotype that women can’t stand each other, and tell your Behens that she is always in your Zehen.

Let’s celebrate female friendships! Don’t forget to tell us your sisterhood stories and who are you to them, Rachel, Monica or Phoebe

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