National Pet Day: How to take care of Furry Friends in Summers, Expert tips inside!

National Pet Day: 6 Important tips to help them beat the Sun


  • Why is National Pet Day Celebrated?
  • How can you help your pet and stray animals to beat the scorching heat?

The summer season is officially here. This year we saw scorching heat in the month of March and we don’t know what lies ahead for us in May and June. As pre COVID time is coming back, it is important to be prepared for some lifestyle changes as well . From keeping a tap on immunity to keeping yourself hydrated, the change in weather will demand a lot of your attention. Just like us, our furry friends need attention when the weather changes.

Be it your pet or even a stray animal, a little bit of your kindness can make a big difference in their lives. April 11 is celebrated every year as National Pet Day.  Notably, the day celebrates the joy that pets bring in our lives and encourages people to help reduce the number of animals in shelters.

National Pet Day

This national pet day, not just make this summer easy for your pet, but also for the stray animals. Here is a list of 6 Important Tips by veterinarian that one should follow to help animals beat the scorching heat.

We reached out to a Delhi – based Vet Sanjay Singh. He said that animals behave differently in the Summer season and need your extra attention as well. Hot and Humid climates can have a serious impact on the health of animals. Take a look at the tips that he shared with us.

1.Summers call for a change in diet. Yes, do not overfeed your pet and always serve them fresh food. Same goes with the stray animal, you may not be able to feed them everyday but whenever you feed them, always serve fresh food.

National Pet Day

  1. Keep them hydrated. Just like us, they too need to keep themselves hydrated to beat the heat. Make sure their drinking bowl is filled with drinking water all the time. For stray animals, you can keep a bowl for them so that they can drink fresh water.
  1. Keep them indoors. Do not take them out for a walk when the sun is up. Walks are advisable in the early morning or in the evenings when it is not too hot outside. If you are an animal lover and you have the space to offer – Allow stray animals in your basement during 12 Pm to 4Pm. It will help them beat the heat.
  1. A lot of times animals spill water while drinking and then sit on it. Vet Sanjay suggests that this activity should not be discouraged as animals do not sweat like us to regulate their body temperature.
  1. You can turn on the AC to regulate the temperature during extreme heat. Always ensure that when a pet is in the room, the fan is on. For stray animals, you can feed them right. For example- Watermelon, Muskmelon, or even tender coconut, all can be fed to them.
  1. During summers never leave your pet in the car. It is important to note that during extreme heat, one should not leave his or her pet in the car. Notably, it can cause heat stroke in animals.

Special Care for Strays : How you can do your bit?

It is not possible for all of us to give them space every afternoon in our basements or backyards, especially in urban areas. In that case, you can damp towels and sheets to cool them down. It will make a big difference.  Apart from it, keep plenty of drinking water around as it will keep them hydrated.

Alteration in Diet

 Yes, one needs to make changes into the diet. Dr. Sanjay explains that for stray animals curd works best in summers you can give it to your pet as well to the stray dogs. Buttermilk, yogurt, cucumber and watermelon all can be fed to them.

Summers can be extremely exhausting. In that case, let us make it better for our furry friends by extending help.

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