Modern Parenting: 4 Tricks to feed your kid the healthiest breakfast

 4 Healthiest breakfast options for Kids that you can quickly cook


Being a parent is not an easy job and it has become a bit difficult in this modern world. Parenthood can completely change your life. Cooking healthy food for your children is always a hectic task. You need to take care of taste as well as health.  And it is not always that easy to balance taste with health.

Here are 4 tricks to feed your kid the healthiest breakfast. It is very important that your child should get a nutritious meal for breakfast. However, some kids are really fussy when it comes to eating healthy food. So, how to deal with them?


1. Combination of dry fruits and nuts

The first trick to feed your kid with the healthiest breakfast is to serve them the combination of dry fruits and nuts.  You can choose from raisins, dates, apricots and amongst nuts, the options are local almonds, cashews, and pistachio. They are filling as well as a quick breakfast. You can mismatch them for a diverse variety of breakfast.


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2. Ghar ka Breakfast

If you have little time in hand. You can experiment with several options such as upma, poha, dosa, paratha, dalia etc.  Try to avoid things that come in a packet, including cornflakes, oats and even packaged juices.

3. Fresh Fruits is always a healthy option

All the seasonal fruits should be given to them in their breakfast. To give them a change, you can change the fruits. For example Banana, orange, Sapota (cheeku)  and grapes. Whatever is available in the market you should give it your children.

4. Milk

A lot of kids don’t like drinking milk. But for calcium, it is important for your child to drink milk. Don’t add commercial taster enhancers, you can add kesar, turmeric, nuts, jaggery to enhance its taste.

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