How to Improve Presence of Mind: 8 Simple Tips & Tricks

“Be here now” – Ram Dass: Understanding how to increase the presence of Mind

Presence of mind can be defined as the ability to make good and sensible decisions in the shortest period of time. Taking quick decisions is a part of a good personality. For making quick decisions, one has to know details about the topic and peace of mind also plays an important part in it. Presence of mind is highly affected by focus and concentration. Here is how to improve the presence of mind.

Ways to improve your Presence of Mind:

1. Be a good listener –

There are few people who like to talk more than to listen. Whether your situation is personal or professional you need to know what is the whole matter about and let the other party keep their point of view as well. It happens a lot of time when we misunderstand the topic and end up messing up everything.

2. Be alert –

One should be eagle-eyed to gain as much knowledge as he can from the situation. Lack of focus and distractions can become a hindrance in our presence of mind.

3. Be attentive –

Attentive can be also said as being concentrated and focused. The focus is very important as it is a major part of the presence of mind.

4. Be a multitasker –

There are few people who are not stable with their thoughts as well as physically in one place. Juggling with too many things can be distracting and once we lose focus from the ongoing work, it can cost us.

5. Have control on your emotions –

It’s a human tendency to think about something from time to time. A lot of time we think about our personal things at our workplace which causes a distraction. We should learn to control our emotions at least for a time period.

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6. Set priorities

A person must need to learn to prioritize their work. This makes our task easier.

Presence of Mind
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7. Be true to yourself

One must learn to be true to himself. We all are aware of our weaknesses but are not ready to accept them. We must start accepting our faults and weaknesses and work on them to become a better version of ourselves.

8. Be in the moment

Human beings have a tendency to run behind the future and they stop living in the present. It is important to live in the present. It increases presence of mind.

Differentiating Presence of Mind with Common Sense

Common sense can be applied in our day to day life experiences. It means thinking in a clear way and many times it saves us from embarrassment too. While on the other hand, it is very important for us to have a sharp presence of mind as it helps us almost in every field. Most importantly it helps us in our career and professional life. Both the things are equally important for making a good impression.

A Good Mind possesses a Kingdom

Internationally there has been practiced in various institutions for the development of mind as it is a basic thing that’s necessary for a personality. Commonly it is called as a great gift from God but there’s no need to worry as today, anyone can have a good presence of mind through different sources. The one important key of the presence of mind is the knowledge. One should have a deep knowledge about the topic before entering in the conversation. ‘A  little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, as said by Alexander Pope is very well said as it can put us in an uninvited problem.

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