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DIY: How men can use moisturizer effectively

New to using a face moisturizer for men? We are here to help!

We all know the importance of washing the face daily to keep it dirt-free. But that is just half the battle won. You need to moisturize your face-skin daily for healthy skin. When we wash our face with a soap or face-wash, it removes the natural oil along with the dirt. It also opens pores of the skin which needs to be filled or it will absorb more dirt from the outside.  It is extremely important for us to moisturize our skin to keep the facial skin healthy and glowing. Nobody wants a dull or dry skin.

Why using Sun Moisturizer is important?

When we go about our day in daily life, the outer environment reduces the moisture of our skin cells. The wind, the sun and when you sweat, along with other factors reduces skin cell “fullness”. A dry face always looks saggy, weathered, dull and make wrinkles appear more prominent. The moisturizer keeps our face energized and hydrated and also it makes our skin look firm.

When to apply moisturizer for Men?

Always wear the moisturizer after washing your face. If you use before washing your face, the moisturizer might seal the sweat, oil and impurities into your pores. Always use a face wash that is meant for your skin type. If you don’t know your skin type- learn it. It’s very important on your way to better skin.

Yes, it is important to towel-dry your skin before applying the men’s face moisturizer. Applying moisturizer on wet skin can cause the moisturizer to not absorb quickly and can also create a slight shine.

Right time to apply face moisturizer?

Experts say that applying the moisturizing after face-wash twice a day (morning and night) is perfect. Applying in the morning will help the facial skin to look refreshed to take on the while applying in the night will help restore the skin to prevent ageing. If your skin is too dry, you might want to buy a pocket-size moisturizer to carry along with you to use mid-day.


Take a small portion (about a dime-size amount) of the product on the fingertips of one of the hands. Gently rub the product on the other hand and then rub the moisturizer all over the face. Take special care of eye sockets and forehead as these are the areas men start to age first and most quickly.

Areas which are more to acne or clogged pores like the nose, apply a lesser amount of product in that area.

If there are facial hairs on your or beard, you can use the moisturizer into your beard and the skin underneath. However, we suggest you use beard oil for beards and goatees as the oil will absorb the beard than a lotion.

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Don’t use an excessive amount of the product as your skin can only absorb so much at a time. Overuse will cause a shiny look.

Using the lotion to your eyelids or the area near it could be dangerous, so don’t use it there. Use an eye cream to remove dark circles and bags.

Your face is a money maker so don’t use a moisturizer filled with chemicals that can irritate the skin. Don’t buy a cheap drugstore brand spend some extra buck, after all, it will reflect on your face.

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