How to add glow to your Yumlicious all time favorite Doughnuts!

Glonuts – Get Some Glow, here is everything you need to know!

Experimenting comes in a perfect package of newness and the desire to get great. Food is one of the biggest assets where people do a lot of experiments. From the inclusion of frozen nitrogen to century eggs in China has broadened the idea of food all over the world.

Doughnuts that Glow

Now, the Homo sapiens are up for something that brings many questions to one’s mind. There are people who have just brought the bling in food and the bizarre gets bigger when you get to know it is edible too. We all would want to know that what brings the glow on the Doughnuts.

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How do they glow?

The reason behind the showstopper Glowing Doughnuts or call it Glonuts is Vitamin B. Yes!  The secret behind the glow is Vitamin B which contains Thiamine. When you mix the crushed Vitamin B in the frosting you get the perfect glow on the Doughnuts. The blend of Thiamine in the frosting creates some chemical reaction and gets us the radium finish glow. This frosting mix is not limited to Doughnuts. In fact,  people add it to ice creams also. The addition of glow to our food is raising the standards in the food industry where it prominently conveys that a food item just not need to be tasty but should be appealing also. The Glonuts are hitting right at the night parties amongst the teenagers. This bling has added a lot of fun to the classic doughnuts.

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