Getting over an old flame isn’t easy, right? Here is how to bounce back?

This is how you can finally get over your ex

Getting over is not easy when a relationship ends and it gets worse when it ends on a bad note. Each relationship has its own memories and feelings, and the end of any relationship is always a unique experience for everyone. If any relationship ends, then it means something went wrong between the two of them. Now, the guy and the girl left with only two options, first is either they can work it out or get back together or second, they cannot. If they cannot then they weren’t meant for each other because your partner has made it clear that he/she no longer wants a relationship with you.

You need to understand that just because someone has ended a relationship does not mean you are unlovable or unworthy of love. Rather than thinking too much about what you did wrong, focus instead on what you can do to make yourself feel better at the moment.

Here’s a list of the most practical and effective ways you can fully get over that break up so you’ll come out better than before. It applies to exes of both genders.

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  1. Spend time with your friends: Be with your friends because they will make you feel better. If you don’t have any, then be with your family. Spend time with them and help them in their daily work such as cooking, watching movies, talking, etc. You have to and you should fill that time you use to spend with your partner with those who love you and want the best for you always. Spending time with the people you may have neglected when you were distracted and blindly in love will make you feel good so surround yourself with people who care for you.

  2. Rearrange your stuff: Now, it will be a good time to get rid of all those bad memories which remind you of your ex. A new look will create some space for new memories. If the breakup wasn’t in your favour, throw all the gifts that are lying around your house and don’t even ask for your stuff back. Start fresh and keep things in your room which makes you feel good and positive.

  3. Reconnect with yourself: The end of a relationship gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself and find what you are capable of. Taking up a new hobby would be a great idea. Go on a vacation you’ve been dying to with your friends or even by yourself. Experts say going to an exotic location or somewhere peaceful is a great source of distraction and help enhance your mood post-break-up. Focus on yourself also means you can enter in a relationship with a self-awareness that you may have lost. Instead of rushing into a new relationship, take time to focus on yourself.

  4. No rebound sex: Don’t even think about it as there are chances that it would really mess you up more. It might fascinate you in the beginning but what if something goes wrong. People say rebound sex is often a quick fix and will make you feel worthwhile but it is temporary and it is a fact that once that high wears off, you may feel nothing but just guilt. According to research, a lot of people feel remorse after taking an impulsive decision of having a rebound. Always acknowledge the pain and understand that being a responsible person means dealing with it.

  5. No contact: Block them from your every social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more because they may be paying attention to your stories. Don’t let them know what you are up to. Also, they may post something in order to make you jealous so don’t give them that satisfaction.

  6. No social media:  There may be a chance that you share a lot of mutual friends, and unfollowing or blocking your ex isn’t enough so try to use less social media until you can work it out without being tempted to internet-stalk. It is best to stay away because that urge of stalking won’t go easy. If you have good friends, then you don’t have to worry about that. Keep yourself busy with other things like playing musical instruments, painting anything as keeping busy help and living your life entirely for you in a way you are supposed to help even more.

  7. Workout: You can clear your head with some physical activity. Sometimes you just need a place to divert the negative energies you get after a breakup that’s why boxing classes are for. Sign up for one or any other type of fighting class because punching the hell out of something will definitely help you with this stress. Also, take Yoga classes for meditation as it will really help you to reduce your stress level.

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