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Signs to know if she is flirting or just being friendly: oh Man! Try to get it right

Flirt or Friends: How to read between the lines?

Men and women can be equally wrong as the majority of us cannot understand the signs when others are being friendly or flirty. Women have their own unique way of attracting, loving, and driving men totally crazy. That’s just what they do, and men often tend to overestimate women’s friendliness as a romantic interest, whereas women underestimate men’s sexual intentions and think men are just being nice when they are not. It is a fact that women like to flirt just to get friendly but that doesn’t mean she wants something more, so it is really important for you to understand the depth of her flirting because there is nothing wrong with the flirting.

Perhaps flirting is hard to understand but it is not impossible. So, to help all of the men out there understand women emotions, here are a few facts that will help you understand what she really wants and how to avoid the awkward moment when you thought she was flirting but in reality, she was just being nice.

1. Stare: Paying attention to her eye contact is one way to determine if she is being friendly or flirty.  It is not a friendly gesture if she keeps staring at you without you knowing. Friendly eye contact is a glance, maybe a nod or can be a usual ‘hi’. But flirty eye contact is prolonged with lowered eyelids (bedroom eyes), flipping hair, or straightening their clothing includes a specific interest of intimacy because one thing which is a fact is a woman tend to not keep eye contact unless she is interested in you.

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2. Touch: If you are attracted to a person – you seek physical contact and want to get physically closer to that person as it is human nature. It is considered the most common example of flirting. Stuff like touching, grabbing your arm or tapping you, hugging you for no reason, and then running arms around you like you are the one.  Also, observe how she responds to your touch. Does she freeze up, laugh and touch you back? If she responds positively to your touch, she’s feeling the spark. If she kisses you, then it’s clear as crystal. But if she doesn’t give any of these signs than oh boy! She was just being nice so don’t do or think anything stupid or you will ruin whatever you have with her.


3. Attention: You get this all the time from the girl who is flirting with you. The truth is flirts are often very focused on the person they’re flirting with. She will laugh at your jokes even at the ones that barely qualify as one. She thinks you’re fascinating and wants you near all the time and why not since she really enjoys your company. Also, in some cases, it is the other way around. She may act like you don’t exist but have a huge crush on you, so she expects you to make the first move and when that doesn’t happen, flirting begins. She will always be wearing makeup and a good perfume as it works for men.

4. Conversations: It gets deeper when you spend so much time together talking about likes and dislikes because the more you talk, the more you come closer to that person. If she likes you, she will be telling you all about her personal stuff and secrets and asking you the same. She may even speak about sex and when that happens playfully or otherwise; it’s a sign of being flirty as sex rarely comes up in a friendly conversation when there is a girl. In-depth questions like what do you want out of life or are you open to dating or to be a relationship. Such questions are a clear sign of flirting.

5. Compliments: If the lady likes something in you, then you are going to hear that from her. Girls generally never give compliments because they like getting one for themselves but when they do give they mean it. Compliments like you’re really hot and sexy or you are very cute, even you have a really cute butt. These are the sexual signs that guys have to pay attention to. Therefore, if you receive such compliments, such actions can be a sign of serious interest and flirting.

6. Comfort zone: If you are here then she has earned the privilege of playfully teasing you which is one of the signs of flirting. Teasing is a fun way of changing up the dynamic of otherwise friendly talks and needs you to be vulnerable by showing you can enjoy yourself, and the other person may do the same, which subsequently creates an attraction for one another. Girls don’t talk about their past relationships but if she does, then evidently she is comfortable with you and would like you as her new partner.

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