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Compare Different Organic Mattress Labels To Find The One You Can Trust

How to compare different Organic Mattress?

Ideally, if you know what to look at the labels of different mattresses you will be able to choose a safe and functional mattress that will meet all your needs. There are several terms that may apparently seem very simple but may have different meanings and significance. Here is how to compare different Organic Mattress to find the best one.

You may come across terms such as ‘natural’ but in reality, there may not be anything natural in the mattress virtually.

Another common term that you may find used extensively in the labels of the mattresses is ‘organic.’ This is another confusing and mostly misleading term. Even if you find some organic material in the mattress it may be in some parts of the mattress and not throughout it.

Best mattress labels

According to Consumer Reports, you will find a Lessa comparison guide complied recently that indicates the real meaning of such terms in the mattress labels. Follow this guide and know about some of the highlights that you should consider.

The best mattress labels will contain terms such as GOTS and GOLSwherein both of these have different meaning and significance such as:

1. GOTS is the abbreviation of Global Organic Textile Standard. According to this standard, it is required that at least 95% of the materials used in a mattress must be essentially certified organic. However, there are a few specific substances such as polyurethane typically used in making memory foam mattresses and the flame retardants are prohibited.

2. GOLS, on the other hand, means Global Organic Latex Standard and specifically applies to the latex mattress. This standard ensures that only organic latex material is used to make the mattress.

3. You may also come across another good standard by the name Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This is actually the set limits of emission of the toxic chemicals used in making the mattress such as formaldehyde and other VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. Once again according to this standard, colorants, chemical flame retardants, and allergenic dyes are forbidden.

Labels with value

You must look for labels that have some value when you want to buy the best mattresses for your bed.

CertiPUR-US: This applies to polyurethane foam only and prohibits PBDE as well as requires testing for formaldehyde and other toxins.

Greenguard: Issued after testing the finished mattress for emission limits of VOCs and formaldehyde.

Greenguard Gold: This is the same as Greenguard but with stricter emission limits.

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Organic: This is mentioned even if some parts of the mattress are made from organic materials and other has harmful chemicals.

Organic Content Standard 100: This is the percentage of certified organic materials used in making the mattress and also ensures its tracking from its source to the mattress.

The more is the certification more will be the cost of the mattress. However, to ensure that you reduce the exposure to toxic materials you must allow it to air out for at least a couple of days according to Consumer Reports before you start sleeping on it.

Lastly, as all mattresses may not have all of the above certifications, look for the safety standards, comfort and support level before you buy it.

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