Beauty Tips: How to pick the Perfect Primer for your skin?

How to use Primer like a Pro?

Well, these days getting that oh –so – perfect makeup look is not that difficult. A little bit of practice and right beauty products can help you to excel in the art of makeup. Today, wearing makeup has become the need of the hour. A lot of us keep it light, but we can’t deny the fact that we absolutely love it. One of the products that you should use for makeup is Primer. A lot of beauty brands are offering a primer these days. Still, it becomes very difficult to pick the right primer according to our skin type. There so many options available such as hydrating, mattifying, blurring, luminizing,  and more. So, what will suit your skin type and how you can use it to get that oh- so –perfect look?

Why Primer can do wonders to skin?

A great base at the beginning of any makeup look can help you to wear makeup flawlessly and can keep your look fresh all day long. The silky soft creams and gels are meant to be applied underneath your makeup. It fills all the uneven lines and helps in smoothing the uneven texture.

Pick the perfect Primer

Primer is one of the most loved products by beauty experts. Primers are a sort of like insurance for your makeup. Well, there is so much that a primer can do such as smoothing, concealing, protecting and prepping, the main role of the primer is to keep your makeup longer and give your skin flawless finish.

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How to apply the Primer?

It is important to choose the right primer according to your skin. If you have dry skin, then you can go with hydrating primer. Once you have got the right primer for your skin it is important to apply properly. Always apply moisturizer before priming, as it makes primer even. After applying primer, allow it to settle properly, then you can apply foundation. While choosing the foundation, make sure you choose the one that mixes well with the primer.

Common Primer Mistakes

One of the common mistakes that we all commit while using the primer is that we apply makeup too soon after it. You should wait for sometime before finally applying the makeup. Let it dry completely.  Apart from it, one should pick the right primer. It should go well with your skin type. Else, it would be of no use.

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