Guru Gobind Singh’s Prakash Parv in Jamshedpur: Nagar Kirtan to be taken out from Telco Gurudware

"Jamshedpur gears up for Guru Gobind Singh Prakash Parv with a grand Nagar Kirtan at Telco Gurudwara. Unity, regulations, and reverence mark the preparations."

Telco Gurudwara to Host Nagar Kirtan on Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s 357th Birth Anniversary

Jamshedpur Sikhs celebrate Guru Govind Singh's 356th prakash utsav with devotion | The Avenue Mail

Jamshedpur, The Sikh community in Jamshedpur is gearing up for a spectacular celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s 357th birth anniversary, commonly known as Prakash Parv. In a recent general meeting of representatives from the Central Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (CGPC), several crucial decisions were made to ensure the success of the grand Nagar Kirtan, a key highlight of the celebrations.

Decision on Nagar Kirtan Venue

The meeting, presided over by Pradhan Bhagwan Singh, witnessed unanimity in choosing Telco Gurudwara as the venue for the Nagar Kirtan. The decision was supported by Gurmeet Singh Tote, Chairman of the meeting, highlighting the unity within the Sikh community in making this significant choice.

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Regulation of Donations

Addressing concerns about donations, the meeting took a groundbreaking step by bringing donations under the purview of local Gurudwara Committees. Starting from January 1, all donations received by organizations from Sangat will be regulated, ensuring transparency in financial matters related to religious gatherings. The move aims to prevent unfair donations and streamline the collection process.

Jamshedpur Sikhs celebrate Guru Govind Singh's 356th prakash utsav with devotion | The Avenue Mail

Ban on Small-Town Kirtans

Vice President Kuldeep Singh Shergil proposed and successfully gained approval for a ban on small-town kirtans effective from January 1. The decision is intended to focus on the two major city kirtans held annually in Jamshedpur, emphasizing the sanctity of Guru Granth Sahib. Concerns were raised about smaller events not adhering to the reverence expected in religious processions, leading to the decision to restrict such gatherings.

Sikh Census in Jamshedpur

The meeting also addressed the Sikh census in Jamshedpur, with forms distributed to all Gurdwara heads. Pradhan Bhagwan Singh and other leaders expressed their commitment to ensuring the success of Prakash Parv through the Nagar Kirtan, urging cooperation from all representatives. This census aims to gather comprehensive data about the Sikh community in the city, facilitating better organization and planning for future events.

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Conclusion and Call for Cooperation

In his concluding remarks, Sardar Narendrapal Singh extended a vote of thanks to all attendees, emphasizing the collective responsibility in preparing for Guru Gobind Singh’s birth anniversary celebrations. The success of Prakash Parv and the Nagar Kirtan, he noted, depends on the collaborative efforts of the entire Sikh community in Jamshedpur.

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As the preparations for Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Prakash Parv gain momentum, Telco Gurudwara stands as a symbol of unity and devotion, ready to host a grand Nagar Kirtan that promises to be a memorable and spiritually uplifting experience for the Sikh community in Jamshedpur.

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