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Who is Thierry Delaporte, highest paid CEO in India? Know his salary

Thierry Delaporte, India's top-earning CEO, leads Wipro with a staggering ₹82 crore annual salary, surpassing peers in the IT sector.

Thierry Delaporte: India’s Top-Earning CEO Revealed

Unveiling the Staggering Salary and Leadership Prowess of Wipro’s Chief Executive

In the realm of corporate leadership, Thierry Delaporte stands out as the highest paid CEO in India, commanding a salary package that has set new benchmarks. Let’s delve into the details of the man at the helm of Wipro and the figures that make him the undisputed leader in executive compensation.

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The Salary Marvel: Thierry Delaporte Takes the Crown

In the competitive landscape of the Indian IT sector, Thierry Delaporte’s salary reigns supreme, making him the highest paid CEO in the country. Company filings for FY23 reveal that the Wipro chief’s annual compensation surpasses an astounding ₹82 crore, a figure that places him ahead of counterparts in major IT firms like HCL Technologies and TCS.

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Comparative Insights: Leading the Pack

Delaporte’s financial standing in the IT sector becomes even more noteworthy when compared to other industry stalwarts. Salil Parekh, CEO of Infosys, secures the second position with a salary package of ₹56.45 crore. Tech Mahindra’s CEO CP Gurnani and former TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinath follow, with compensations of ₹30 crore and over ₹29 crore in FY23, respectively.

Wipro’s Visionary Leader: A Brief Profile

Beyond the staggering numbers, understanding Thierry Delaporte’s journey adds depth to his leadership stature. As the CEO and Managing Director of Wipro since July 2020, Delaporte brings to the table a wealth of experience garnered during his tenure as the Chief Operating Officer at Capgemini, a prominent French IT firm.

Aged 56 and hailing from France, Delaporte’s intricate knowledge spans three decades in the global IT sector. His appointment marked a pivotal moment for Wipro, propelling the company’s valuation to over ₹93,400 crore.

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Beyond the Figures

While Thierry Delaporte’s salary underscores his financial success, it is crucial to acknowledge the strategic leadership and transformative vision that have propelled Wipro to new heights under his guidance. As the highest paid CEO in India, Delaporte’s impact extends beyond his paycheck, shaping the narrative of success in the dynamic landscape of the IT industry.

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