Everything You Need to Know About On Grid Solar Inverter

Here’s everything that you should know about On Grid Solar Inverter

Inverters are an essential part of the power backup system. They convert the Direct Current (DC) power to Alternating Current (AC) power, which runs the electrical appliances connected to it. With several industries and individuals switching to renewable energy sources, the demand for solar power systems, including on grid solar inverters, has been witnessing a spike.

For solar PV systems, it’s critical to note that solar panels made of silicon produce electricity as DC power. For it to be supplied to the appliances, it’s connected to a solar inverter, which can also be called an on grid solar inverter.

Grid Solar Inverter
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Why Do Appliances Need AC Power?

Electricity flows uni-directionally at a constant voltage. On the other hand, in AC, electricity flows in two directions, wherein the voltage changes from positive to negative.

How Does an On Grid Solar Inverter Accomplish the Task of DC to AC Conversion?

It achieves the conversion by changing the direction of DC power back and forth with high speed. It is how DC input changes to AC output. The AC power is then fed to the grid.

Note that solar inverters have different roles in on-grid and off-grid power systems.

Utility of an On Grid Solar Inverter

  • Energy Conversion: The on grid solar inverter is also called a converter. It converts unusable DC power to 220-440 V AC power. The AC output will depend on the appliances it’s connected to.
  • Safety of Appliances and the Solar Power System: A safety system comes attached to an on grid solar inverter, and it protects the solar power system and the appliances it connects to.
    For instance, the on grid solar inverter will shut down the system if there’s electrical discharge.
  • Controlling Power Output: The AC power output is regulated and maximized by the inverter to manage fluctuations.
  • Supporting Grid: The on grid solar inverter assists the grid with the power supply and dealing with excess power. It also monitors the grid for any disturbance and can shut down the solar power system if it collapses.
  • Monitors Power Produced: The on grid solar inverter can easily track whatever amount of power is produced. This benefit helps ascertain how much excess energy is produced during a charge cycle.

Types of On Grid Solar Inverters:

With the importance of on grid solar inverters being understood, it’s time to know what types are available:

  1. String Inverters: This kind of on grid solar inverter is connected to the grid, as is the case with any grid-tied solar power system. It is one of the most popular forms of solar inverters and can be used for domestic and commercial usage. These inverters don’t come with any storage battery. This trait is typical of on-grid systems.
  2. Micro-Inverters: It is smaller than a string inverter but is slightly more expensive. This kind of on grid solar inverter is best used where there is a disparity in the sunlight received by an individual solar panel.Moreover, micro inverters usually have a capacity of 250-300 W.
  3. Power Optimizers: These inverters don’t carry out the DC to AC conversion themselves. Instead, they ‘condition’ the DC input and send it to the central inverters where the conversion occurs. The conditioning process also fixes the voltage of the DC power.

Benefits of an On Grid Solar Inverter:

There are multiple benefits that we can expect from grid-tied inverters. In addition to cost-effectiveness and sustainability, here are the other less-known benefits:

  • If you are purchasing a high-quality model, an on-grid inverter is maintenance-friendly.
  • Since the inverter type doesn’t need any battery backup, it’s easy to install.
  • The on grid solar inverter can be optimized to meet the maximum energy requirement.
  • The inverter provides anti-islanding protection. It means the electricity supply is immediately shut when the power goes off-grid.

With the types and benefits of On Grid Solar Inverters understood, it’s time to decide to go ahead with the purchase. Remember to buy solar power systems and related equipment from a reputed brand such as Luminous. Visit their website to look at their wide variety of high-quality solar products.

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