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Breakup Day: How You Can Survive 5 Stages of a Breakup?

Breakup Day: Just got dumped? It’s terrible. But as long as you’re here, read on to know what’s coming next in different stages of a breakup.

Breakup Day: When a relationship ends, it really sucks. And not just for the ones who get separated but also for those who were related to them.

A breakup is hard for people who don’t want to accept that this is the end of their relationship. Emotions make things so damn complicated by putting you in a state of despair because recovering the loss of a loved one is hard and feels impossible.

Perhaps, that’s why we need to take things slowly, even if it means one day at a time, and step by step.

This Breakup Day: Here are the six stages of a breakup.

Now, these stages don’t actually have a particular order or sequence. Still, it happens to everyone who has suffered a hard breakup.

1.  Bargaining: This phase involves looking for ways and solutions so that the relationship can still be saved. The stages where you beg for one final chance out of complete desperation by using some old cheesy lines: I swear I am a changed person, I promise I can change; I know I can fix this. Well, we all know this happens, and sometimes they might even give you another chance, but the fact is it happens most of the time because they feel bad or don’t want to accept it either.

You need to understand that they’re getting hurt too. In most cases, they already make up their mind, so prepare yourself to get out of the relationship. This time the bargaining thing won’t be helpful. Even after convincing, your ex shows clear signs that they don’t want you back. You ultimately feel rejected, with this the bargaining stage ends.

2.  Denial: You can say it is a part of the bargaining stage where you refuse to accept reality as it feels like a nightmare. You believe or think it’s just another lovers’ spat, and you don’t take it because you’re in denial mode. You feel like this because you’ve given everything to one person. Your world is ending, so accepting this is hard and seems impossible. You may even remain hopeful and dream that you and your ex can get back together, and you tell your friends that it’s just a phase. You even pretend you’re both still together with your mutual friends who don’t know about the breakup.

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3. Sadness: Ugh, perhaps the worst part of the breakup and not everyone experiences this phase. It happens with those genuinely shocked by the separation from their lovers/beloveds. Round-the-clock crying, waking up feeling sick, unable to sleep, and unable to do anything, along with mood swings, all come with this stage. It can last anywhere from a few hours after the breakup to several weeks, months, or years, depending on how well you handle emotions, but it must end. Else chances are you will go into depression. 

To recover from this not-so-fun state, allow yourself to feel your feelings, instead of blocking them, by screaming, writing a journal, or talking to a loved one or best friend. You must let those feelings out, even if they scare you. According to experts, this is one of the healthiest stages of a breakup if appropriately handled.

4. Anger: And this is the stage that makes you feel so damn good. But using anger as a coping strategy should only be temporary; otherwise, it will turn you into a different person. It is a fact that lingering on anger makes things worse in the long run. Who knows who you may hurt in the process? 

This phase is an excellent way to help you ignore your feelings of love and affection towards your ex and often makes you realise what was wrong in the relationship and what went wrong. You have to be very careful not to focus too long on your ex’s negative traits and qualities because when you do this, a feeling of revenge might develop, and it may not end well.

5.  False Acceptance: The phase where you think you’ve moved on. You start to feel good, your life is finally getting better, and you realise how much better your life is without them. But then, one night you decide to get back out there to date someone. You want to go out with friends and have fun, but you get drunk and hook up with the first stranger you see, thinking everything is going great, right?

Wrong! When you get intimate or emotional, your ex’s face pops up in your head, and suddenly, you can’t stop thinking about them. Everything you did to forget is flooding your mind, because sometimes when you think you’re over it, even trivial, small or unexpected event may trigger you. You’ll be back at square one. Just be careful with your life.

6.   True acceptance: Finally, the actual acceptance stage you were waiting for, where you accept that the world isn’t over yet. Now understand the only difference between false acceptance and true/genuine acceptance is that you won’t or never get triggered by anything in the latter case. Even if you hear their name or see them, it won’t make you feel weird, or if you see a post they’re tagged in, you won’t feel a thing. 

It is always essential to surround yourself with positivity or the people who care for you during this time. Keep your friends and family close to you and spend as much time as you can with them, and also try to avoid unhealthy habits like drinking or binge eating.

You can decide how long to stay in each phase and the benefits you get from it.

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