5 online games to play during Lockdown, the only thing you can enjoy with your friends

From Psych to classics such as Ludo! Let’s thank the technology for keeping us engaged during lockdown

With India opting 21 days lockdown, it has been very difficult to find out ways to be engaged. Gaming is one of those great activities you can do with people without having to be physically in presence. And since we all are physically distancing ourselves from one another right now, there’s no better way to keep each other amused than by playing some games together.

We are definitely running out things to do, while terribly missing out to be with our friends. Playing online game is a solution for it connects the people and surely is a stress buster.

Here are some games you can play with your friends, each from the comfort of your homes

1.    UNO

Aah! The famous family and friends card game that has been played since decades and still dosen’t manage to bore you. You can play this game with players across the world or create private rooms for the family and friends, this game is fun nevertheless. And do not forget to tap UNO when you get your last card.

2.    Ludo King

You don’t have the board version? Do not worry this online game of ludo is as interesting as the board game version. This game is very addictive and good. You can play this game across the globe or can create private rooms for your friends and family and play with them separately.

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3.    Ball Pool

8 ball pool is a game for pro pool players and billiards experts. The game supports 1vs1 multiplayer mode and comes with easy-to-use touch control.

4.    Carrom Pool

Carrom pool is a digital version of the popular board game Carrom and can be played by four players at a time. Play this game and get a little nostalgic of your childhood days.

5.    Psych

Who can fake it the best and make fool of most of the people? That is what Psych is all about! , in which you come up with the most convincing false answer to trivia- such as what do you call a group of zebras?

Each fake answere is submitted anonymously alongside the real answere, leaving you and everyone else to pick the correct answers. Trust us, this game is a supper fun.

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