5 movies on Hope to watch during lockdown: ‘Kyunki Umeed par duniya kayam hai’

5 Movies on Hope that will make your life a little easier during this lockdown

We all are stuck at home thinking what to do? This 21 days lockdown has totally taken a toll over ourselves. With everything been shut, from cinema halls to cafes and restaurants we find it difficult to live this way. Reports of new Covid-19 positive cases across our country filter into our newsfeed making us more anxious and upset. The online respite is the choice of online platforms before you. But  picking a movie is a task in itself

But fret not, we have got a list of movies to you through this hard time:

1.    Chak De! India

A team of 16 young women get together to play in the Indian women’s hockey team. However, due to their prejudices and competitive spirit, they aren’t able to function as a team. This movie ensues is a story of hope, courage and strength, which will inspire the fighter in you.

2.    Wake up Sid

Ranbir Kapoor’s Wake up Sid is one of the most relatable movies of our time. This film embodies our generation’s to struggle to figure out what we want to do with our lives and then, strike a balance between that and love.

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3.    Lakshya

Young aimless man finds his calling in the Indian Army after he is forced to take life seriously by his parents and girlfriend. However, his journey isn’t easy as he has to overcome his short

comings and let go of a privileged life to make his mark in the world.

4.    Swades

In this movie Shahrukh Khan is an Indian scientist working in NASA in the USA. To meet his family and his daughter and bring her back to USA, he takes  weeks off and travel to India. During his stay in India, he familiarizes himself with the villagers. And soon takes it upon to improve the quality of life of the villagers.

5.    English Vinglish

A simple housewife, Sridevi runs a small business of making and selling Indian snacks. But she is always mocked at her poor english skills by her family members. However, she resolves, the language when she visits her sister in the U.S.A. This movie will surely give you a boost if you are feeling low over something.

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