August Born Love Life: They are Sassy, Loyal & Honest AF

August Born Love Life:  10 personality traits jo aapko unka deewana bna denge!

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August born Love life: Every month is special in its own way and we are now in the 8th month of year. August marks the beginning of many festivals and people born in this month are full of positive energy. If you or your loved one is born in august, or even if you are expecting a baby in august, you may want to get an insight into your personality and character. So without further delay, let us find out some exciting traits of August-born people. They are bubbly as Kajol, cute as Genelia and witty like Sara Ali Khan. When in love, they make a loyal and a super honest partner.

If you are not looking good – They will tell you, honest hai yaar!

August people do not believe in lying or cheating to get what they want. They don’t waste efforts in sugar coating their words. They are straightforward. If you ask for their opinion, they will not mince their words. They will be as sharp as they can be.

Passion, Passion & Passion – pyaar ka ho ya paise ka

August-born are self-motivated and passionate, especially when doing what they love. It is possible for them to overcome difficult situations without losing enthusiasm. Leadership roles suit them because they are energetic and drive others around them. When in love, they will go extra mile to make you feel special.

They can be stubborn- Dil thoda Ziddi hai

Being intuitive and good at reading people, August-born are often stubborn. They think their opinions matter the most; surprisingly, they are right most of the time. They tend to put up a protective front to stop people from seeing their sensitive side.

They have high expectations

August-born people are selective and have high standards. They are pretty conservative with their affection, and one needs to make them feel special before they begin to reciprocate. Because of their high standards, they can be judgmental and critical at times.

They tend to prefer solitude – Me time is the best way to make place in their heart

While August-born are outgoing, they tend to be private regarding sensitive issues and need some alone time from time to time. Furthermore, they don’t open up easily to people other than close friends and family members.

They are loyal- Aise Deewangi milegi nhi kahi

August-born people are one of the most loyal people you can ever encounter. This is especially true when it comes to someone they love.

 They are outgoing & they will lend their ears to you when you want to vent out

August-born also has an outgoing personality, especially those born under the Leo zodiac sign. It is easy for them to talk to people and get along with them. Although they love being the centre of attention, they are also empathic listeners. They make great conversationalists and tend to daydream.

They tend to make good leaders

August-born are confident, organized, and practical. These are the essential qualities of a good leader. August born make naturally strong leaders because of their confidence and charisma. Not to mention their excellent communication skills. But they sometimes tend to be dominant and want everything to be under their control.

They are very organized

 August-born, especially with Virgo as their zodiac sign, is detail-oriented, organized, and practical. They tend to be intelligent and reliable. When a task is assigned to them, you can trust they follow through until the job is completed. Their hard work and attention to detail help them to achieve their goal.

They wear confidence as a Jewellery

August-born exudes strong self-confidence. Especially those born under the Leo zodiac sign, they are physically and mentally strong. Willed, solid and proud, they can be outspoken and enjoy being the centre of attention. Suppose your baby is August born, and his zodiac sign is Leo. If that is the case, there is no need to worry. They will grow up to be a confident individual who will be liked by all.

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