Affiliate Marketing – A Revolutionary Way of Earning by Helping Others

How to earn money through Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re an active online shopper, you might have searched for the best product list or review at some point in your internet life. Most of us do it as a regular practice before investing our hard-earned money into any product. Here is how to earn money through Affiliate marketing.

Have you thought about how these review sites work? How they manage to earn money to allow themselves to continue the work they are doing? It’s an obvious question because we’re not giving them any money.

That becomes possible because of affiliate marketing, which gives the author a small percentage of revenue for successful purchases through their links. In other words “Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience – “affiliates” – to earn a commission by recommending the product to others.”

In India, Many blogs like BestBuyReview are focused on recommending & reviewing every possible product category. Blogs like these, making a great effort to make the internet a better place with more specific information available to the users.

The owner and creator of the blog Arun Saini always encourage others to post feedback on every possible product they bought whether it is through the seller’s site, i.e., Amazon, Quora, or even through their personal blog. Irrespective of the competition, they motivate others to do affiliate marketing, once he quoted that “competition always encourage to do even better.”

Ways to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing

There are always countless possibilities for modifying the original method of doing something. But here we are sharing some of the popular ones that are mostly taking into considerations.

The Personal Blog

Having a personal blog is a must nowadays to share how you feel about any topic. It’s the best way to portrait your thoughts publically, but not only that one can also use it as a method of generating extra income for themselves.

If you’re the one who does shopping quite frequently, then you can review the products you bought on your personal blogs and help others. It’s the most natural way to earn some extra bucks and shop again.

Answering Questions on Quora

Not only Amazon but there are also thousands of other affiliate networks available to register on the internet. One can signup on them and answer the questions related to the product on quora or other forums. In this way, you can recommend the products to the users and earn the value added to the community.

Email Marketing

It’s quite a professional way of doing marketing, which includes making the email list of users who tend to take an interest in the related product or service and then market the product to them using emails.


Well! That’s all for now, hope you’ve got what we tried to explain through the post. Share your views with us through comments and let us know which method you like the most.

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