5 interior décor tips and ideas to give your home a stunning festive makeover

Interior décor tips to make your house look festive-ready!

Interior décor tips to make your house look festive-ready!

We all love doing up our house during festival season and making it look very pretty and festive.

Here are 5 interior decor tips and ideas to give your home a stunning festive makeover-

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  1. Choosing the correct color theme and scheme. As different festivals offer different variations, it’s essential that we choose a color that matches the best with the festive vibe. For example, Christmas can be red and white, Diwali can be more yellow, orange, and colorful hues and so on.
  2. Having festive centerpieces- different festivals also are known for their different cultural motifs. For example, people draw Rangoli during Diwali or people decorate their houses with diyas during Diwali. During Holi, people usually have more colorful things in their houses and during Christmas, there is a Christmas tree. These often add a very beautiful shar, to your house and make it look festive ready.
  3. Another thing that you can use to decorate your house during the festive season is candles. Candles are universal and look good all year round. So choosing beautifully scented candles that can match the need for any occasion is a great idea. 
  4. Lights- it is not just Diwali that is about using lights. Any festival can become more remarkable when you use colorful lights and decorate your house. While playing with these lights and colors remember to keep it chic and suit your house interior. 
  5. The other thing that can make your house festive-ready is choosing the correct sort of textiles and linens for cushions, bedsheets, curtains, or more. Be it velvet, silk, or metallic fabric, they can add a luxurious touch to your space.

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