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Modern Durga and her 7 powerful weapons

Modern Durga and the powerful weapons that help her to deal with every situation like a boss 

Maa Durga signifies power. She fought like a true warrior and won the war of good over evil. She ensured the spirit of righteousness prevails. India is currently celebrating Durga Puja. Devotees of Maa Durga are leaving no stone unturned in worshipping goddess Durga and in seeking her blessings. Maa Durga is fearless, Independent and a great leader. There is so much that Modern Durga can learn from her. In today’s testing time, it is important for every woman to evoke the Durga within. Nobody can fight for us, only we can do it. The pride of being a woman don’t come from being a woman but the constant battles that each one of us fights every day be it on roads, workplace or even home.

Modern Durga


Here are 7  powerful weapons of Modern Durga. The only thing we need to learn is – where and how to use these powerful weapons.

1. Unconditional Love that we all have

The world is full of hatred. Jealousy, ego, anger are prevalent emotions these days. We women are full of love. Maa Durga’s mother avatar is an epitome of love and affection. Let’s take a pledge to spread the love around us. Warmth and love can solve a lot of problems. Help people who are in need, animals, and of course your loved ones. There is no assurance, but atleast, we can try to make this world a better place.

2. Confidence

The best accessory for every woman is confidence. Never let anybody else dull your shine. You should shine bright like a diamond in each every situation. A confident woman can conquer the world.  Whatever the situation be, never lose your confidence.

3. Finances

Who says a woman can’t handle finances? Let me remind you of Goddess Lakshmi. Today, women are financially independent. Use that independence. Invest in market, gold, property- anything and make the best use of the resource. Build something of your own.

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4. Wisdom

The zeal of learning new things in women are touching new heights. Maa Durga was full of knowledge. She knew where to use it and she was a great leader. Use your wisdom to get the best results. Be it your home or workplace.  Evaluate the pros and cons of the action and try to figure an effective solution.

5.  Technology

Maa Durga didn’t have access to technology. It has changed the way of living. A lot of people use technology to create chaos in society. We can use it to raise important issues. We can make the best use of technology by using it to spread important messages and raising important issues. Doing something for each other, blogging, sharing good content all this could be done via technology.

6. No Drama

We all need to keep drama at bay. Our focus should only be our goal, the unnecessary drama would not do any good to you. Maa Durga says – one should purely concentrate on her goal.

7. Equalitarian

An adarsh nari understands the importance of Equality. She understands that gender-based superiority will only add more problems to this world. So, she believes in giving equal respect to all genders.


This Durga Puja, let’s pledge to Maa Durga – that we as women will make the best use of the powerful weapons that are available to us. We will never step back in difficult circumstances. Let us evoke the Durga within.

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