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Right To Vote In India, A Fundamental Right

A Civic Duty: Our Right To Vote In India

Being a citizen of India gives us many rights as well as duties. It is our right to vote in India, and we should be proud of this and make maximum use of it. Here are some things you did not know about your voting rights but should know. 

  1. The Indian Constitution adopted the principle of universal adult franchise, which allows adult citizens to vote without any discrimination of caste, race, sex, religion, wealth, and so on. 
  2. Earlier, the voting age was 21 years but was reduced to the current 18 years of age in 1989 by the 61 Constitutional Amendment Act of 1988. 
  3. The fact that India adopted a universal adult franchise was a bold move in the face of rampant illiteracy, high population, and inequality. 
  4. The voting right is guaranteed to every citizen from the age of 18 years and upholds the principles of democracy. 
  5. The Motilal Nehru Report of 1928 was the first to advocate for universal adult franchise and equal rights for women.
  6. The universal adult franchise is based on equality, as everyone is given the equal right to vote. 
  7. The hindrance to right to vote is a violation of your fundamental right.
  8. It is a civic duty that every Indian should fulfill.
  9. The Right to Vote is also guaranteed under Article 326 which states that “very person who is a citizen of India and on such date as may be appointed in this behalf by or under any law made by the appropriate Legislature , is not less than [eighteen years]* of age and is not otherwise disqualified under this Constitution or any law made by an appropriate Legislature on the ground of unresidency, unsoundness of mind, offense or corrupt or illegal conduct, such shall be entitled to be registered as a voter at any election.”

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This means the following criteria should be met to be a voter in India-

  1. Be a resident of the country
  2. Must have attained 18 years of age 
  3. Must not be of unsound mind
  4. Must not have been disqualified due to an offense, corrupt or illegal conduct

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also shown appreciation for a 103 year old voter who was voting at the Karnataka Assembly Elections. 

In order to make voting more accessible to all, the Government has introduced electronic voting machines (EVMs) and postal ballots so that more and more people can vote. 

So, make sure you use this right of yours in the correct manner. 

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