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2 More Cases of Love-Jihad Reported? Here’s Our Fake News Check

Is there only one community behind all the crimes? Let’s Find it out with other recent fake news of the week.

In the aftermath of the gruesome murder of a 27-year-old woman, Shraddha Walker, in Delhi by her 28-year-old live-in partner, Aftab Amin Poonawalla, several other cases of abuse, violence and killings went viral with an angle of Love-Jihad. Is there only one community behind all the crimes? Let’s Find it out with other recent fake news of the week.

Muslim husband beating his Hindu wife!

Kisne feka: A video is going viral across social media with the claim that it shows a man from the Muslim community hitting a Hindu woman.


Foolproof: The viral claim is false. The woman in the video shared her story with Official Humans of Bombay. The video interview also contains the same viral video recorded by the woman being abused. Since the incident seen in the viral video, she has been living separately from her husband.

The court document was published on the legal records website Indian Kanoon. In the brief facts section of the judgement of Mohammed Mushtaq GK vs Ayesha Bano, it is noted that both parties are Sunni Muslims.

Another case of Love-Jihad reported: Man, slits Girlfriend’s throat!

Fake news: A video of a murder confession is going viral on social media. In this disturbing viral video, a woman soaked in a pool of blood lying on the bed while the man who is shooting the video confesses that he killed her. The viral video was given a communal spin by several people on social media who claimed that the man belongs to the Muslim community and that he killed a Hindu girl for infidelity.

Truth Bomb: According to reports, police officials interrogated the Mekhla Resort personnel located in Tilwaraghat police station of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and scanned the CCTV cameras. Abhijeet Patidar and Shilpa Jharia met on social media and got into a relationship.

Abhijeet posted another purported video in which he named Jitendra Kumar as his partner.

PM Modi missing from the G20 summit

Kisne Feka: US President Joe Biden’s G20 summit has gone viral across social media with the claim that Prime Minister Modi was excluded from talks at the table.

Foolproof: A report by Bloomberg published on November 16, 2022, detailed how the world leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) dealt with a blast in Eastern Poland, which led to the death of two people. Biden and other Group of Seven leaders discussed the missile strike on Polish territory on Nov 16. India is neither a member of the G7 nor NATO. That is why PM Modi was not present at the meeting.

RBI issued new currency of ₹2, ₹ 5, ₹ 350, and ₹ 5000!

Fake news: A set of images circulated with the claim that the Reserve Bank of India has released new currency coins and currency notes in the denomination of ₹2, ₹ 5, ₹ 350, and ₹ 5000 is being widely circulated across messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

Truth Bomb: RBI’s Paisa Bolta Hai website publishes details about all the banknotes in circulation, such as the security features and designs of the banknotes. No banknotes with the denominations of ₹2, ₹ 5, ₹ 350, and ₹ 5000 are present in the existing list of banknotes.

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