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1 Mohalla, 1 Bakra- Fake News Went Viral Last Week

Here are the top six fake news circulated on social media last week. Check it out now

From fake news around Bill Gates to misleading claims made by the Indian media, we brought you the top six fake news items that circulated on social media last week. Check it out now.

‘One Mohalla, One Bakra’, advertisement on bakra Eid

Kisne feka: A photo of an advertisement released by Dainik Jagran is doing rounds on social media. The title of the ad reads “One locality one goat”, and the following text read, ‘This time on Bakrid, if possible, sacrifice only one goat in the whole locality. It will increase affinity, reduce bloodshed, reduce wastage of water, and reduce the spread of filth’.

Foolproof: The viral claim is false. The original ad, which was released around the Holi festival, read, “Ek Mohalla, Ek Holika”. This initiative was begun by Dainik Jagran during Holi 2023, urging the public to celebrate the festival in an environment-friendly way. Dainik Jagran published an article on March 8, reporting on the influence of their initiative. As per the article, after being inspired by the campaign, people lit Holika of dung everywhere on March 7 in the area.

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Is Benzoyl Peroxide added to packaged wheat flour?

Fake news: A message is going viral across social media claiming that there is a reason why insects don’t fall into packaged flour, which is due to the presence of benzoyl peroxide in flour. The message claims that even though benzoyl peroxide adversely affects the user’s kidneys, flour companies keep using it.

Truth bomb: The viral claim has been circulating across social media and WhatsApp for the past few years. The claim is false as a prominent target of this misinformation campaign; ITC’s Aashirvaad Atta confirmed that no benzoyl peroxide is used in producing their flour. The benzoyl peroxide, if used in flour, is not classified as a carcinogen.

Plastic eggs are being sold as real eggs!

Kisne feka: Plastic eggs are being sold as real eggs in markets in the country.

Foolproof: The viral video showing plastic eggs being manufactured are actually tiny eggs made for children. The video has been debunked by Chinese news portals and FSSAI when it initially went viral in 2017.

Journalist grills Bill Gates, Accused him of stealing Microsoft

Fake news: Journalist grills Bill Gates, accuses him of stealing Microsoft for profit of a couple of dollars and promoting covid-19 vaccines to make billions.

Truth bomb: The interview video of Bill Gates was created using technology to make a misleading claim. Gates was not cornered by tough questions on Microsoft and Covid-19 vaccines, and he did not end the interview abruptly due to frustration.

A migrant worker from Bihar being attacked in TN

Kisne feka: Viral video shows a migrant worker from Bihar being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

Foolproof: The video is from an incident where Bharath Kumar (23) and Prateek (17), were stabbed to death during an argument at a sports tournament at Doddabelavangala, located at a distance of 54 km northwest of Bengaluru.

Hindu man killed for marrying Muslim woman

Fake news: A Muslim woman’s brother killed a Hindu man from Telangana for falling in love with his sister.

Truth bomb: The case was not of an inter-religion marriage but an inter-caste marriage and the woman who married Harish belonged to the Vamiki Mehar community and not the Muslim community.

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