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Rio Olympics: Sporting action to take centre stage in opening ceremony!

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games will officially start in Rio today in few hours with the grand opening ceremony at Maracana stadium. Athletes from 206 nations and a refugee team are in Brazil and are all set to compete in 28 sports and be watched by the audience of billions.

Though, doping scandal, the Zika Virus and issues with city’s security were quite in news but now only the sporting action will take place in Rio.


Rio Olympics 2016

These are 31st Olympiad but are 28th to be held as those in 1916 , 1940 and 1944 did not take place because of war.

Though, the opening ceremony is yet to take place but games have already started two days ago with women’s football.

The games will start from August 5 and will end on August 21.

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