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Fast food giant McDonald’s will soon start offering Desi breakfast

Desi breakfast will be soon offered by McDonald’s

Will you choose Desi masala dosa over burger? Well good news for all the foodies out there.
Fast-food giant McDonald’s will soon be adding masala dosa burgers with molaga podi sauce and a bhurji as part of its famous breakfast menu, which until now was largely limited to vegetarian and egg cheese McMuffin, waffles, and hash brown. Isn’t it cool now you can enjoy desi breakfast that too in ‘videshi’ restaurant?

To be launched in Mumbai shortly, the world’s largest fast-food company said the desi breakfast menu is aimed at increasing footfall by making the fare healthier. McDonald’s said the new additions would be grilled instead of fried.
Expanded menu will be available at 44 McDonald’s outlets

Desi Breakfast
Desi Breakfast

Another good news for you people is that expanded menu will be available at 44 McDonald’s outlets in Mumbai from January 13. Costs between Rs. 30 and Rs. 135, McDonald’s will also serve breakfast through McDelivery. The company said the menu will be gradually introduced across India.

“Breakfast convenience on the go will increase as more people enter the segment. As a western quick service restaurant, we are going to grow the Indian breakfast market dramatically,” Amit Jatia, vice-chairman of Westlife Development, which runs over 240 McDonald’s restaurants across west and south India said.
Well, this is definitely good news for all the foodies out there because the menu will be the perfect taste buds rejuvenators. The mouth- watering dishes will help people to satiate their hunger and will also enjoy their Mcd meal.
The food giant is expected to soon launch the desi breakfast as India is one of the major market for the brand and bringing such desi stuffs can really boost the sale of the product.

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