How to balance Freelance projects with a Full-time Job in India?

Tips to balance Freelance projects with a  Full-time Job in India: What all you need to keep in mind before taking up any project?

There is so much competition these days that we all want to make some extra income. There could be various reasons for dipping your toe in the freelance world. It could be because you want to make extra money, explore a talent or it could be any other reason.  Taking up freelance work straight from a reliable job could be daunting.  Doing some freelance work while holding on to the full time seems like an ideal situation –But managing freelance work with a full-time job is not easy. There are some golden rules and you need to stick to them so that you don’t mess up with your lifestyle. Tips to balance Freelance projects with a  Full-time Job in India, take a look.

Who doesn’t like some extra money? Freelance is a great opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle, right? Before taking up a new freelance project, let us get on to some hardcore facts.

1. Workflow control is important

Every work needs commitment. You need to fix up the number of hours you are putting in your freelance project.  Keep an eagle eye on the deadlines, and make the estimates of work that is needed for each task. It will help you to keep stress at bay.

2. Be Committed

Every work comes with some commitment.  Check your timings and work schedule before saying yes to any freelance project. To avoid chaos, you should always keep this handy.  Don’t be afraid to turn down the work if it doesn’t fit in your schedule. Committing someone and not submitting work on time leaves a bad impression.  It is the worst!

3. Check your work contract

A lot of companies have a clause that doesn’t allow you to do the same work outside the office. In that case, you can land yourself in trouble. You will be at risk of being fired or you can even be sued. Read that contract properly before taking up any freelance work.

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4. Know your worth & understand what freelancing is bringing to your table

Don’t take up freelance work just for the sake of money. Before saying yes to it, do check how many hours you have to put in, and what it is bringing to your table. Will you learn something that will help in your work? It is also an important aspect to look into. Understanding the benefits of Freelancing should be on the top of your checklist.

5. Money is Money – Honey!!!

Make sure you get paid for your freelance work. You are putting your time and effort, all that needs a reward. Cash is the game. Keep in mind that you are taking freelance because you want to make more money.


Taking freelance work with a full-time job is like tasting the waters without drowning. Make sure you don’t end up embroiled in a mess. Making notes and checking your schedule before saying yes to a freelance work will come really handy.

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Here is a recap of all the five golden rules that we talked about, take a look:

1. Maintaining a workflow

2. Commitment

3. Job Policies and contract

4. Benefits of freelancing

5. Money

If you will keep all this in mind, you definitely strike a balance between freelance projects and a full-time job.

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