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When Your Pet Is Your Life, Thoda Extra Toh Banta Hai

Here are some incidents when people went way too far to comfort their pet buddies.

For centuries people have found love and companionship in animals. That bond has only grown stronger as time went on. Over time more and more animals were domesticated and brought indoors. Now, they are part of millions of families worldwide. They take center stage in family photos and accompany their masters everywhere. Some of them also have Instagram account. 

No doubt that owners give so much to their pet buddies. But they get in return? 

Research shows that pet owners have lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and less reports of depression and loneliness. But the benefits do not stop there. A pet brings many changes to your life. Therefore, to enjoy a great time with their pets some owners went way too far to comfort their pet buddies. 

So, let us look at some of the instances with a similar case. 

Fly in style and luxury

Many dogs live in utter luxury and with great comfort. But there are some owners who are too many steps ahead to enjoy quality time with their paw buddies. One such story comes from Mumbai where a Dog owner booked an entire Air India business class flight just to travel with his dog. The pet boarded the flight early on 15 September 2021 morning.  

The pet owner spent not less than Rs 2.5 lakh for a 2-hour long flight flying from Mumbai to Chennai. The fare of the same flight is Rs 20,000 for a business class seat. 

Air India is the only Indian flight that allows domestic pets in the passenger cabin. Maximum 2 pets are allowed at a time and the last row is booked for pets only.   

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All-pet private jet booked for 6 pets

Last year, Deepika Singh, a Mumbai-based cyber security researcher took the initiative of reuniting some stranded pets with their owners in Delhi. As several people moved to their native place in haste after the announcement of lockdown, many pets were forced to stay back alone. 

Deepika arranged an all-pet private jet which cost her more than Rs 9 lakh. 

Couple slide out from a moving plane with a dog

Another bizarre incident took place in America where a couple slid out of a moving plane at LaGuardia airport. The couple was identified as Antonio Murdock and Brianna Greco. 

As per some news website, the man had forcibly opened the cabin door and activated the emergency slide. He slid out with his partner and pet dog.  

A flight with Flirty pony

In 2019, American Airlines passengers witnessed an expected travel companion on board, a miniature horse. According to the reports, the pony was comforted with an aisle seat and even sat on the owner’s lap at one point. The owner, Abrea Hensley owned this 136-pound mare Flirty for the past 2-and-a-half years then. 

It also has an Instagram account with adorable photos. It has over 13000 followers on Instagram now. 

 When people chose their pet buddy overwork

After the lockdown was uplifted and things returned to normal in America, many pet owners experienced emotional turmoil while leaving their pet homes alone. 

As per a survey, many owners were looking for a shift of work if their company no longer offered remote work. Some also demanded to bring their pet along to work. And to everyone’s surprise, some even opted for quitting their jobs just to comfort their pets. 

These are some instances when pet owners went too far to comfort their pets. If you also love your pet, comment down the bizarre thing you have done to comfort it.

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