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Viral Duo’s Ban Than Chali Dance: 21M Views

A video of dancers performing to Ban Than Chali from Kurukshetra goes viral on Instagram, garnering 21M views and praises for their infectious energy and skillful performance.

Viral Dance to Ban Than Chali from Kurukshetra Amasses 21M Views and Praises for Duo’s Infectious Energy and Skillful Performance.

A video of two dancers dancing to the song Ban Than Chali from the movie Kurukshetra has become a sensation on Instagram. The song, released in 2000 and sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan, has remained popular even after two decades. In the viral video, Bharatnatyam dancer Sanika Shinde and another dancer named Om Tarphe perform flawlessly, captivating viewers with their synchronized moves and expressions. The video was shared on July 12 and has since garnered over 21 million views and 1.8 million likes.

Duo’s Infectious Energy:

Sanika Shinde expressed her gratitude to Om Tarphe for teaching her the choreography during a workshop at Danceastic_Om. The video’s infectious energy has led many people to join in the fun and share their thoughts in the comments section. The song’s timeless appeal continues to charm people, inspiring many to showcase their renditions of the iconic track. The duo’s skillful performance has left viewers tapping their feet along and dancing to the catchy beats of Ban Than Chali.

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Here’s how Instagram users reacted to the viral dance video:

The Instagram users praised the boy’s energetic and soulful dance, complementing his captivating smile. Some expressed how the performance inspired them to dance along, while others were amazed by the incredible energy and charm displayed by the dancers in the viral video.

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