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Shocker! Amid the Ukraine Crisis, Europe is Gearing Up for Another refuge?

Why Russia invaded Ukraine & what is India’s reaction to the situation?


  • The world is in absolute shock
  • What is Russia’s logic behind this invasion?
  • India’s reaction to the situation and its dilemma
  • Biggest worry: Lives of Ukrainians

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv woke up to a war, which meant that the country was under attack, and at the same time, there were several reports of shelling and bombing across the country. Russia entered Ukraine on several fronts. However, Ukraine president Vladimir Zelensky had again clarified that he does not want war with Russia and even tried to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he did not take his call.

Following this, Putin ordered a military operation in Ukraine and warned all other countries not to interfere in this operation.

The world is in absolute shock

There were warnings from the supreme leaders of various countries. Despite that, nobody could stop Russia from invading Ukraine. Surprisingly, this happened while an emergency UN security meeting was underway. The United Nations security general said that this could be the worst war since the beginning of the century. Even though no other country has decided to enter this war directly, Western countries are trying to punish them with economic sanctions. The USA and other countries have already announced several harsh economic sanctions against Russia, and more sanctions are on the way.

Many other countries are also set to follow the same step. The US president Joe Biden called this attack completely unjustified and unprovoked.

What is Russia’s logic behind this invasion?

As the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, Ukraine became independent. It tried to shed its Russian imperial past and build closer ties with the west. And Russia never liked it.

Now let us fast forward to 2014…

Ukraine had a pro-Russian leader who was ousted from power. The removal of a Russian friendly president from Ukraine had angered Russia. It responded by annexing Crimea, and at the same time, it started supporting separatist movements across the country. Russia is scared of Ukraine’s proximity with the western countries. Ukraine had promised to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, which, to Russia, seems like a threat. It considers Ukraine to be close geographically and culturally. As per Russia, Ukraine joining NATO could be a direct threat. In addition, it could lose its power in the region.

India’s reaction to the situation and its dilemma

If we talk about India’s reaction to this invasion, India has not been very clear about its stand. India said that it is a matter of deep concern but has not spoken against Russia, and there are several reasons behind this dilemma. India can neither support this move and nor is in a condition to oppose it. It is that India considers Russia to be one of its most important strategic partners. Moreover, India is highly dependent on Russia for its military supplies.

At the same time, India and the US have become relatively closer in recent decades. Also, at the border, we have tensions with China.

According to the recent report, India is also working to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine as soon as possible. Ukraine has closed its airspace, and India is looking at alternative routes.

Biggest worry: Lives of Ukrainians

Now amid all the political debates, the biggest concern is the innocent lives of Ukraine. Their country is being invaded and bombed. Early reports have also indicated the death of several civilians.

This is another crisis the world facing now. This may not seem like World War 3, but the world has to face challenging times ahead.

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