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Rhythm Chanana: Delhi Metro Girl’s Viral Bikini Outfit

The Delhi Metro girl later identified herself as Rhythm Chanana and also spoke in an interview about the video.

“Don’t care what people have to say” says Rhythm Chanana

In a recent video that went viral on social media, a girl was seen wearing a mini skirt and bikini. The video had enraged a section of society who crticised her for her dress and another section who supported her and said that one should be allowed to wear what they want. The Delhi Metro girl later identified herself as Rhythm Chanana and also spoke in an interview about the video. 

Who is Rhythm Chanana and what does she have to say?

Identifying herself as the “The Viral Metro Girl” on her official Instagram Bio, Rhythm has become popular on social media following the video. She already has a following of 14.2k. Her posts are a reflection of her bold choices and what she likes to wear and share. She belongs to Fatehgarh Sahib city of Punjab and is doing a course in acting. 

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It’s my freedom in what I want to wear. I am not doing this for a publicity stunt or to become famous. I don’t care what people have to say.” 

As people on the internet said she was “inspired” by Uorfi Javed, she said “ I didn’t even know who she was until recently a friend showed me her photo. However, I look up to her after knowing her story.”

She further added how this was not a one off incident when she wore such clothes. “This choice didn’t come in a day, it’s a process. I also belong from a conservative family where I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted, hence one day I decided I would do as I wanted since it’s my life. I have been travelling like this for many months now. It happened to be viral now. I have not been allowed to travel on Delhi’s Pink Line, but on any other line I haven’t faced such a problem.”

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The DMRC Statement 

Following this incident, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation  issued the following statement-

The DMRC expects its commuters to follow all social etiquette and protocols which are acceptable in the society. Commuters should not indulge in any activity or wear any attire which could offend the sensibilities of other fellow passengers. DMRC’s Operations & Maintenance Act in fact lists indecency as a punishable offence under Section 59.

We appeal to all our passengers to kindly maintain decorum while traveling on a public transport system like the Metro. However, issues such as the choice of clothing while traveling is a personal issue and passengers are expected to self-regulate their conduct in a responsible manner.” 

Violation of Privacy 

Regardless of what she wore or did not wear, clicking her picture without her consent and circulating it on social media was a clear violation of her privacy. It is important that people respect the privacy of others and do not go around clicking pictures without consent. 

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