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16 Republic Day WhatsApp Wishes To Keep The Spirit of patriotism Ignited

Here are some Republic Day WhatsApp wishes & Shayaris

Republic Day Wishes: We all proudly celebrate 26 January every year. Therefore, here are some well-written republic day wishes, quotes, and WhatsApp messages that you can share with your loved ones on this republic day.

1. Blessed are those who are born in this country. Be proud and walk around with your head held high on this day and always.

Happy Republic Day!

2. On this memorable day, let us take an oath that we would do everything that enriches and preserves the heritage of our nation. Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day!

3. Our heroes sacrificed their lives so that the coming generations could live in peace. Let us all salute our martyrs on this powerful and patriotic day. Happy Republic Day to all.

4. Nahi sirf Jashn Manana,

Nahi sirf Jhande Lehrana,

Yeh Kaafi nahi Hai watanparasti,

Zindagi Watan ke liye Nibhana.

Happy Republic Day!

Republic Day WhatsApp Wishes
Republic Day WhatsApp Wishes

5. With pride in our soul, we pledge to never let go of the power of unity as we celebrate Republic Day this year. let us all hold hands and truly devote ourselves to maintaining the honour and dignity of our nation.

6. Republic Day will always be cherished as the day of real independence and freedom. Let us all remember this day’s significance and may we all pass on our patriotic thoughts and feelings to the next generation.

7. It is 26 January today, the historical day to remember our national heroes, soldiers & freedom fighters, who suffered to give us a republic nation.

8. Feel the power of freedom on this republic day, and let us all free ourselves of the chains of ignorance and inhumanity. Let us celebrate & welcome this day by uplifting its true meaning and spirit.

Happy republic day!

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9. Bring out the leadership ability hidden inside you on this day when we remember the sacrifices of our great leaders. Let us all be the change that we wish to see in this world. Take a vow to make a difference.

10. Nahi chahiye Sona Chandy,

Na jewar na Bangla, yakeen Mano,

Meri toh bas itni si Hai Tamanna,

Mujhe Bharat maa ke naam se pehchano.

Happy Republic Day!

11. Wishing you a very happy republic day!

We are proud to be citizens of a country with such a rich heritage and history. Let us only work toward making the nation more glorious.

happy republic day!

Republic Day WhatsApp Wishes
Republic Day WhatsApp Wishes

12. Let Every Teacher Teach the Student How to Love This Nation, Let Every Parent Install in His or Her Sons and Daughters the Beauty of Our Nation. Happy Republic Day!

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13. Let us hoist our national flag high on this day while we pay tribute to all our national heroes. Let us celebrate this day by welcoming long-lasting peace in our nation and in all corners of the world.

happy republic day!

14. As we celebrate the true freedom that our nation achieved on this day, let us make an effort to bring in positive changes that would make our nation proud with integrity and together.

Jai Hind.

15. Mujhe mere desh Mein,

Sab kuch accha lagta Hai,

Har nukkad Har gali ka Lalla,

Jaise apna hi bacha lagta Hai.

Happy republic day!

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16. We Might Not Be the Richest Nation in The World, We Might Be Deprived of The Finances and The Luxuries of This World, But My Brothers and Sister Let Us Maintain Our Peaceful Coexistence and Above All Love for Our Nation. Happy Republic Day!

With all these wishes team One World News also wishes you A very Happy Republic Day! Keep the spirit of patriotism ignited.

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