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Debate over allowing Maids is not over: Call or not to call them? 

Domestic help is not allowed to work even after government’s announcement

The two phases of lockdown stopped any outside domestic helper to enter a house. For more than 40 days, millions of middle-class homes are missing their maids and domestic helpers. Recently, the government announced that they can return to work.
Middle class households are badly missing their domestic helpers. As we are heavily dependent on them. They are often known as woman’s best friend. 

Bachelors and elderly are amongst bad hit

There are many bachelors across the country who were totally dependent on their maid for cooked food. But lockdown has kept them away from their maids, resulting in teaching them how to cook food online. Still, they are waiting for the coronavirus to fade away, and praying for things to go back to normal. Elderly people who stay away from their families are also facing a huge maid crisis as their age don’t allow them to do everything on their own.
While the first few days were not tough for the masters, now they are feeling the need of the maid desperately. The Indian government allowed the domestic helpers to return to work for the third phase of lockdown. But they are not able to get back to work.

Maid Crisis in lockdown: Why maids are not reaching the doors of families? 

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People are thinking that the restrictions might have been lifted but coronavirus hasn’t. It is a risk to invite outside-people in homes, colonies, society as it makes both the party vulnerable to coronavirus. Allowing the maids to  colonies, societies can bring the deadly virus to an area which has so far managed to remain infection-free.
Some residential groups think that it is difficult for old and infirm people to handle the housework as not everyone has washing machines and dishwashers.
The maids are witnessing a financial crunch situation as many of them have not got their salaries even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the citizens to pay salaries to everyone. Some families paid the maids for the March month, but not for April. Families are not certain about the end of lockdown, and hence thinking, for how many days they can keep paying without work. Maids are hoping for the pandemic to end so that they can be welcomed in colonies and societies like earlier.
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