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Kolkata Teacher Resigns Amid Hijab Controversy, Authorities Clarify Miscommunication

Kolkata teacher resigns from law college over alleged hijab ban, sparking controversy. College cites miscommunication.

Kolkata Teacher Resigns Amid Hijab Controversy: Law College Allegedly Bans Headscarf, Authorities Cite Miscommunication

A teacher of a Kolkata based LJD Law College teaches at the University of Calcutta which asked her to stop wearing a ‘hijab’ at workplace and she resigned from her job. The particular teacher, Sanjida Qadar, asserted that the directive made her profoundly offended from the moral, religious perspective of the college’s governing body.

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The incident, which was said to have happened on may 31, resulted in qadar’s resignation and absence from classes starting June 5. Qadar, who uses the headscarf to cover her hair since March-April, noted the escalation in the situation in the last one week.

The problem raised the concern of the public, and the college authorities had to come out with an explanation. As per a PTI report, the college itself defended that the matter had arisen due to misunderstanding, insisting that they never restricted Qadar from wearing a head scarf at workplace. In an attempt to clear what she viewed as a misunderstanding, the college wrote to Qadar asking her to return to class from June 11. The email also sought to explain that according to the dress code that is revisited from time to time, it is acceptable for the faculty to wear a dupatta or a scarf on her head.

Kolkata teacher resigns

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The chairman of college’s governing body, Gopal Das, said, “There was no direction or restriction and college authorities are sensitive to the religious beliefs of every participant She will continue her classes from Tuesday The college and the girl had no issue With her We talked to her for a long time The initial incidents were due to some ambiguity in the communication.

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From the case it is seen that although college tried to bring change, Qadar expressed her unwillingness to come back again. She said, “I received an email from the office on Monday, I will think on the next step here but I am not going to college on Tuesday.” The case brings out the scenario of a rather delicate subject with regard to religious practice in the workplace and the measures needed when disagreement occurs in the academic institutions.

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