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Netizens slam Indians protesting for George Floyd’s murder but remain silent on internal issues

A compilation of tweets from known and unknown faces which exposes their hypocrisy

The US is witnessing several violent and non-violent protests over the death of George Floyd, a victim of racist killing. George died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee of the neck of Floyd. The incident has brought the question of the comparatively harsh treatment of black race at the hands of white cops. People across the world who are not able to reach the place of protest are protesting from their social media accounts via posts and tweets. Celebrities like Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga, Jamie Foxx, Shawn Mendes and other prominent people have shown their support for the protestors and the African-Americans.

Indians have also shows support to the protests against the death of George Floyd

Indians have also witnessed the anti-sentiment growing with many known and unknown people posting about it on their social media accounts. However, some of the people have pointed out that the Indian support for the George Floyd is hypocritical as same people don’t tweet when there are communal deaths, violence against lower castes, targeted mob lynchings and cases of police brutality in India.

India has recently seen some events of violence including communal violence in Delhi riots, police brutality against students, discrimination against Muslims, Dalits and people from the North East. However, these incidents didn’t trigger the same amount of anger, outrage, and trending hashtags as in the case of George Floyd’s death.

People called it a fake sense of empathy and hypocrisy for people who took part in the campaign of BlackivesMatter and said that the same people differently for the Indian victims.

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Here are a compilation of some of the posts from people of India who are criticizing known and unknown faces for their hypocritical support to the protest against George Floyd’s death

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