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Delhi post Diwali becomes Zeherili, 5-ways to Detoxify Your Lungs

Pollution in Delhi after Diwali: 5 ways to naturally detoxify your lungs

Delhi after Diwali is gasping for air as the air quality turned ‘very poor’. Many people in several parts of the national capital burst firecrackers on Diwali defying the ban. The loud noise of firecrackers pertained throughout the Diwali night breaching permissible decibel limits.

Delhi after Diwali in past 5 years

The System of Air quality and weather Forecasting And Research, SAFAR shows that Delhi’s air quality index or AQI stood at 323 at 6 am in the morning of October 25, 2022. In neighbouring Gurugram, Noida and Faridabad, the air quality dropped into the very poor category as well. However, as part of the central pollution board (CPCB), the city’s AQI at 312 on Diwali night. This was still the lowest in 4 years and second best in 7 years. Before this, the city recorded an AQI of 281 on Diwali in 2018. The national capital recorded an AQI of 382 last year, 414 in 2020, and 337 in 2019. An AQI between 0-50 is considered good, 51-100 satisfactory, 101-200 Moderate, 201-300 poor, 301-400 very poor, and 401-500 severe.

Delhiites come out as a rebel to crackers ban  

The Delhi government banned the production, storage, sale and bursting of firecrackers this Diwali after considering environmental concerns and health hazards associated with it. The government has said that those caught violating the ban would be imprisoned for 6 months. A week ago, the supreme court of India also refused to lift the ban on firecrackers seeing Delhi’s pollution. The AAP government had banned the sale and use of firecrackers on Diwali too due to concerns over the alarming air pollution levels.

In addition to firecrackers air pollution in Delhi during Diwali, is made worse by stubble burning, a contentious practice in neighbouring states like Haryana and Punjab. Another important factor behind the largely stable air quality situation this Diwali was moderate wind speed that did not rapid the accumulation of pollutants.

5 Ways to detoxify your lungs after Diwali

No matter what the Air quality, we all need to step out for work, right? In that case, here is how you can detoxify your lungs naturally.

1. Take Steam

To combat deadly pollution in Delhi, take steam. It opens the airways and helps the lungs to drain the mucus. Steam improves breathing and loosens the mucus inside. It gives instant relief from difficulty in breathing.

2. 2-3 Cups of Green Tea

There are multiple benefits of Green Tea. It comes in handy when the air quality is bad outside. Drinking 2-3 cups of Green Tea can help you to cleanse your lungs naturally. Notably, Green Tea has antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation in the lungs. According to a study, adults who drank 2 cups of green tea every day had better lung function.

3. Lemon Water

Lemon has citric acid & vitamin c in lemons help in boosting immunity. Starting your day with lemon water can keep you protected from harmful pollutants in the air.

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4. Breathing exercise for your lungs

Breathing exercises can be really helpful to combat pollution. Deep breathing, and belly breathing –can improve lung function, especially for people suffering from any kind of respiratory problems.

5. Tulsi Juice

Drink Tulsi Juice, you can also add it to your regular drinking water and keep it sipping the entire day. Tulsi is known for its medicinal properties and it will keep your respiratory tract clear.

 The damage has been done and we can’t undo it. But complaining about Delhi’s polluted air will do no good to your health.

Edit- Ayushi Mittal

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