Honest Review of Broken But Beautiful Season 3: Story of love & unfateful destiny

Honest Review of Broken But Beautiful Season 3:  Love – The Most beautiful and Complicated word in this world

After two successful seasons of Broken But Beautiful, the much-awaited 3rd season of the series was released on ALT Balaji App on Saturday. And guess what? We decided to binge-watch the series and here is the honest review of Broken but Beautiful season 3.  After the happy ending of Veer and Sameera, the 3rd season will introduce you to Agastya Rao aka Siddharth Shukla and Rumi Desai aka Sonia Rathee. Simply put, their story is broken… but beautiful and their love story will tug at your heartstrings.

Their love story is loaded with passion, jealousy, heartbreak and real love that never dies. Okay! There is nothing that you have never seen before, but it will keep you hooked.  Notably, Siddharth Shukla has made his digital debut with Broken But Beautiful Season 3 and we have to say he left a mark in playing the eccentric Agastya and gets hang of the emotions without going too over the top.

Things we loved about the series

Well, season 3 is a ten-episode series, where director Priyanka Ghose, takes a novel approach and establishes the character in the first two episodes, taking us through their personality traits that made the series interesting. Now, let us take a look at the things we loved about the series:

1.The Passionate Chemistry of Agastya and Rumi

Not everyone can peep into your soul, we don’t allow people to do it. But if someone does, indeed that person is special. Rumi and Agastya’s love was real and raw. Rumi loved the way Agastya loved her and for Agastya, Rumi added colours to his life. It is a tale of love, heartbreak and unfateful destiny.  Sonia Rathee as Rumi was phenomenal. Rumi is raw, real, insecure and vulnerable- Sonia pulled off the character nonchalantly.

2. Farah and Rishabh – Agastya’s Support System –‘ Life mai pyaar se zyada True Friends jaroori hai’

Just like Sameera had Avni and Porno, our Agastya had Farah and Rishabh. Both of them stood with Agastya like a rock when he was falling apart. They proved that life mai sache dost hone chahiye because they make our lives easy. Taniya Kalra as Farah was quite convincing and Manvir Singh as Rishabh is typical friend who thinks Yaar isey ladki kaisey mil jaati hai?

3.The Music will definitely soothe your soul

Okay! The last season had some refreshing tunes like Boreya, Sajana & Teri Hogiyaan. Well, in the 3rd season, the title track remains the same and you will get to hear boreya in the background quite a lot. Apart from it, there are three new songs added to the list – Tere Naal, Mere Liye & Kya Kiya hai Tune. The songs are original soul-soothing.

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4. Not everyone who meets on your journey is your Soulmate – Some people meet you to heal you

The favourite character of the show has to be Sakshi played by Jahnavi Dhanrajgir. Sakshi played an integral part in Agastya’s journey. They both were broken when they first met. Sakshi changed Agastya’s perspective towards love and heartbreak. But she tells him that they are not meant to be forever. Sakshi helps Agastya in his healing process.  Jahnavi brought life to the character of Sakshi, and we loved the mature character. Sakshi is a quite balanced and mature woman who respects the space of her partner. And we cannot forget the most beautiful dialogue of the season delivered by her – “ Zaroori nhi hai Hum Jisey pyaar kare woh hume wapas pyaar kare, tumhara pyaar kaafi hai, tum kaafi ho.”

5. Special Appearances and commendable Support Cast

The supporting cast of the series is commendable. Apart from Agastya and Rumi, there were many actors who got us hooked on the series. Saloni Khanna Patel as Mayra was a  sheer delight to watch on the screen. Rumi was jealous of her but she always backed her sister. Ehan Bhat as Ishaan Mathur plays a charismatic man with a magnetic presence. Apart from them, Veer and Sameera made a guest appearance and they looked breathtaking together. Interestingly, Nayandeep Rakshit was spotted in a scene, where he interviews Agastya and like always he asks about the wedding bells!

6.Finally – The show talks about Passionate love, desire, obsession and at the same time of not losing yourself in the process

Agastya and Rumi fell hard for each other. Both of them took time to understand their feelings but when they did, destiny had other plans for them – So clichéd, right? As Rumi said, “ We don’t attract things we want, we attract things that we need.”

Season 3 VS Season 2 

You should definitely watch the series. There are many reasons – The crackling chemistry of the lead actors, the smashing performance of Siddharth Shukla, to watch a love saga, and of course the pleasant music. When it comes to dialogues we believe the last season had some pleasing dialogues that are still fresh in our minds.  We rate the season 3.5 Stars! With Agastya and Rumi’s passionate and obsessed love, Broken But Beautiful is back  to give you a gentle reminder that Love is the Simplest Yet the most complicated word in the World.

Before you go! Read the most loved dialogues from this season

 Zaroori nhi hai Hum Jisey pyaar kare woh hume wapas pyaar kare, tumhara pyaar kaafi hai, tum kaafi ho.”

 “We don’t attract things we want, we attract things that we need.”

“No one can complete you, only you can complete yourself”.

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