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Meditation training can support wellbeing in older people: Research

Unlock the transformative power of meditation for older adults! A groundbreaking 18-month study reveals enhanced well-being through awareness and connection.

Unlocking Inner Peace: How 18 Months of Meditation Training Enhances Wellbeing in Older Adults

A Groundbreaking Study Led by UCL Reveals the Transformative Power of Long-Term Meditation Practice

 A recent randomized controlled trial led by an international team, co-directed by University College London (UCL), has unveiled compelling evidence that an 18-month meditation programme can significantly enhance the overall well-being of older individuals. Published in PLOS ONE, the findings shed light on the positive impact of meditation on aspects such as awareness, connection to others, and insight.

Exploring the Depths: Unprecedented Insights from the Longest Randomized Meditation Trial

 This groundbreaking study, the longest of its kind, delved into the effects of an 18-month meditation programme on the psychological well-being of over 130 healthy French-speaking individuals aged 65 to 84. Conducted by the European Union’s Horizon 2020-funded Medit-Ageing (Silver Sante Study) research group, which includes prominent institutions such as UCL, Inserm, and the University of Geneva, the trial was led by Principal Investigator Professor Gael Chetelat in Caen, France.

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Meditation vs. Language Training: Unveiling the Transformative Journey

The study compared the impacts of a meditation programme, incorporating a nine-month mindfulness module followed by a nine-month loving kindness and compassion module, with a group undergoing English language training (as a comparison group) and a no-intervention control group. The meditation group engaged in weekly two-hour group sessions, daily home practice of at least 20 minutes, and a retreat day.

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Beyond Traditional Measures: Redefining Wellbeing Dimensions

While traditional measures of psychological well-being and quality of life did not show significant benefits, the study introduced a global score that measured the dimensions of awareness, connection, and insight. The results indicated that meditation training significantly influenced this score, capturing undistracted attentiveness, positive relationships, and self-knowledge.

Tailored Benefits: Understanding the Varied Impact

Interestingly, the benefits of meditation training were not uniform across all participants. Those with lower levels of psychologicalwell-beingg at the trial’s commencement experienced greater improvements compared to individuals with higher baseline levels ofwell-beingg. The researchers suggest that further investigation is needed to identify specific groups that might derive stronger benefits from meditation training.

Towards a Holistic Approach: Crafting Tailored Programs for Wellbeing

The study’s lead researcher, Professor Gael Chetelat, emphasized the potential of meditation programs in supporting older adults. He expressed optimism that further refinements and collaborations with diverse research disciplines could enhance the effectiveness of meditation initiatives. Chetelat stated, “By showing the potential of meditation programs, our findings pave the way for more targeted and effective programs that can help older adults flourish.”

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Conclusion: Paving the Way for Holistic Wellbeing in the Aging Population

In a world where the ageing population is increasing, this research offers a ray of hope. The transformative power of meditation training, as highlighted by this study, encourages a shift towards a holistic approach to well-being in older adults. As we move beyond mere disease prevention, meditation emerges as a promising non-pharmacological tool to nurture the full spectrum of human flourishing in late life.

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