Geriatric Kidney Care: Tackling CKD and Diabetic Nephropathy

Experts emphasize personalized geriatric care, early detection, and tailored treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic Nephropathy, enhancing well-being in the ageing population."

Dedicated Experts Advocate Compassionate Geriatric Care for Elderly Patients, Navigating Diabetic Nephropathy Challenges

Navigating the complexities of kidney health, especially in our golden years, presents a real challenge. Dr G K Prakash, a compassionate Senior Consultant Nephrologist at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, sheds light on diabetes nephropathy as a primary contributor to chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease globally, emphasizing its impact even within our communities.

Dr Prakash underscores the crucial role of early detection of diabetic kidney disease, urging individuals to be vigilant about symptoms like swelling and protein in urine. Stressing the interconnectedness of age and diabetes incidence, he cautions against late detection, which can lead to pre-existing kidney issues.

Geriatric Kidney Vigilance

Dr. Prakash emphasizes two key considerations. Firstly, he advocates for regular screening of the elderly, emphasizing the vulnerability of this demographic to kidney injury from minor insults like dehydration or medication. He draws attention to the fact that a seemingly normal creatinine level in a younger person may indicate abnormal kidney function in an elderly individual.

Furthermore, Dr. Prakash emphasizes the need to adapt medications for seniors, recognizing the unique metabolism of this age group. He highlights the importance of considering pre-existing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases and tailoring medications accordingly.

Comprehensive Geriatric Care

Dr. Garima Aggarwal, a caring Consultant Nephrologist at Manipal Hospital in Varthur, expands on the concept of geriatric care for CKD patients. She paints a holistic picture, outlining a multidisciplinary approach involving geriatricians, nephrologists, counsellors, nutritionists, physical therapists, palliative care doctors, and social workers.

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The discussion on kidney disease in the elderly continues with Dr. Jatin Kothari, Director of Nanavati Max Institute of Renal Sciences & Transplant in Mumbai. He emphasizes the rising prevalence of CKD and diabetic nephropathy among global elderly populations. Dr. Kothari advocates for a seamless and proactive approach to geriatric care, calling for increased awareness.

In a heartfelt manner, he stresses the significance of early detection and continuous monitoring, urging regular screenings for kidney damage markers. Dr. Kothari highlights the importance of tailored treatment for diabetic nephropathy, incorporating recent advancements in pharmacotherapy.

In essence, these dedicated medical professionals underscore the need for a compassionate and personalized approach to geriatric kidney care, urging individuals to prioritize routine examinations and embrace lifestyle modifications for enhanced well-being.

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