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Typhoon Koinu Hits Taiwan, Heads for Southern China

Typhoon Koinu caused injuries in Taiwan, led to relief efforts, and posed threats to southern China with heavy rainfall and wind alerts.

After devastating Taiwan, Typhoon Koinu approaches Guangdong with heavy rain and strong winds.


Typhoon Koinu, named after the Japanese word for “puppy,” is set to hit southern China in the coming days. After causing one fatality and injuring hundreds in Taiwan, it is now approaching the coast of Guangdong province. China’s National Meteorological Centre (NMC) has issued warnings of heavy rain along the coasts of Guangdong and neighbouring Fujian province, with rainfall in Guangdong, expected to exceed 300 millimetres. A yellow alert for strong winds has also been issued, indicating potentially hazardous conditions.


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Taiwan Devastated by Typhoon Koinu

In Taiwan, Typhoon Koinu wreaked havoc, injuring nearly 400 people and causing significant damage on remote Orchid Island off the east coast, home to around 5,000 people. While there were no reported injuries on the island, more than 70 boats capsized or sank in a harbour, two schools suffered serious damage, and power outages occurred. Relief efforts, including the restoration of electricity and telecommunications, are underway, with the arrival of supplies expected on Orchid Island soon.

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In response to the approaching typhoon, Guangdong province has suspended numerous ferry routes, and tourists have been advised to avoid beach resorts during the national holiday. Typhoon Koinu, currently travelling at around 144 kilometres per hour (89 miles per hour), is expected to weaken into a strong tropical storm as it continues westward along China’s southern coast.

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