Food Habits to Remain Healthy and Fit

Food Habits to Remain Healthy and Fit

Besides exercising and dieting there are some other tips that should be adopted in your lifestyle to keep yourself fit and healthy. These habits will also help you in shedding your extra kilos.

Eat Less and Chew More:

Scientists believe that you should chew your food more and try to eat less. This exercise will help you eat less and will impart a feeling of satiation.

Chewing signals your brain to stop craving for more food and fills your stomach. You should chew your food for 35 to 50 times per mouthful.

Never Skip Your Breakfast:

Every morning have a good healthy breakfast and never avoid having it. If you do not follow this you will crave the entire day for more food. Skipping breakfast retards your metabolism.  Make a habit to eat within one hour of waking up in the morning as your body starves for the whole night and needs nutrition.

Concentrate on Your Food:

Avoid eating while reading newspaper or watching television. When you do this remember you always land up eating more than needed.

Never Overcook your Meals:

Excessive cooking destroys the nutritive value of your food, so avoid over-cooking food. Eat more raw vegetables in the form of sushi or salads.  Bake, grill, steam or blanch but avoid microwaving the food.

Food Habits to Remain Healthy and Fit

Have Fruits Before Meals:

Eat fruits before having meals as this will fill up your stomach and you will eat less food. Eating fruits before having normal meal course helps you lose weight and will keep your healthy and ft.

Have Smaller Meals, More Often:

You should eat at least six times a day. Eat less and more frequent instead of eating too much two or three times a day.

Never Eat After 8 PM:

It is advisable to eat your dinner before 8 PM in the evening. Taking dinner and sleeping immediately after it is absolutely not a healthy habit.

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