Vicky Kaushal’s Humble Ganpati Celebration Amid Crowd, Fans Question Katrina’s Absence

Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal celebrated Ganpati with his parents amid a crowded Lalbaugcha Raja pandal before his movie's release, drawing admiration for his humility. Fans wondered about Katrina Kaif's absence

Vicky Kaushal celebrated Ganpati at Lalbaugcha Raja with his parents, displaying patience amidst the crowd. Fans praised their humility but questioned the absence of partner Katrina Kaif.

Vicky Kaushal, the Bollywood actor known for his roles in films like “Uri: The Surgical Strike” and “Raazi,” displayed a heartwarming example of family devotion as he celebrated Ganpati with his parents amid a bustling crowd at the famous Lalbaugcha Raja pandal. This celebration came just before the release of his movie “The Great Indian Family,” for which he was eagerly awaiting the response of his fans.

On a Wednesday before the film’s Friday release, Vicky, dressed in a green kurta and sporting a bearded look, accompanied his parents to seek darshan at Lalbaugcha Raja. As they entered the mandap, he held his mother’s hand tightly, while his father, Sham Kaushal, walked close by. This familial bond was on full display, drawing the attention of devotees who were surprised and thrilled to see the Bollywood star amidst them.

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Videos of Vicky Kaushal and his family’s visit quickly went viral on social media. In these videos, they could be seen patiently navigating the dense crowd, making their way to Lord Ganesha’s idol. Vicky, in particular, exhibited remarkable patience, gesturing to the event organizers that he was willing to wait as the crowd swelled around him. The family even found amusement in the situation, sharing light-hearted moments.

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Fans were deeply impressed by the Kaushal family’s humility and their ability to remain grounded despite their celebrity status. Comments poured in on paparazzi posts, with admirers describing Vicky as a “down-to-earth and humble man” and expressing excitement about his mother’s enthusiasm for Ganpati.

However, amidst the praises and appreciation, some fans couldn’t help but wonder about the absence of Katrina Kaif, Vicky’s partner. Speculations arose about her whereabouts, with fans questioning why she wasn’t part of this family celebration. Whether due to prior commitments or personal reasons, Katrina’s absence left fans curious and eager to know more about the dynamics within this popular Bollywood couple.

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