Chop Flub: Outcry as British TV Host Botches Priyanka Chopra’s Name, Fans Decry ‘Unacceptable’ Blunder

Backlash ensues as British TV host mispronounces Priyanka Chopra's name. Fans call it "unacceptable" amid accusations of cultural insensitivity.

Mispronunciation Mayhem: British TV Host’s ‘Chianca Chop Free’ Blunder with Priyanka Chopra’s Name Sparks Outrage, Fans Deem It Unacceptable

Recall the days of March, British TV personality Andi Peters made a major faux-pas after he Cornettoed Priyanka Chopra, at Madame Tussauds in London while pronouncing her name.

Peters, who has had a few appearances on Good Morning Britain, began what was supposed to be a simple and regular debate regarding the wax sculptures of celebrated personalities kept at the museum. However, what followed was a mistake that left everyone who adores Priyanka Chopra in utter disgust.

Chianca Chop Free': British TV host mispronounces Priyanka Chopra's name, fans call it 'unacceptable' – India TV

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The mistake was committed during the event when Peters tried to speak directly to the Bollywood star and called her a ‘Chianca Chop Free’. Recently, the video of the mishap has surfaced on Instagram and the fans could not help but condemn the mishap or label it as “unacceptable” because of the improper pronunciation of the word.

Not even the live broadcast could be achieved without the occasional error being noticed by the audience. During the segment, Adil Ray, one of the anchors, could not hide his surprise and immediately crossed Peters’ statement on live TV. “Well, thanks Andi. If you are going to support someone you should at least find out their name,” Ray said in a clear reference to Chopra’s fame.

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Before you know it, the damage is done, and with Peters clumsily trying to rectify the issue by referencing Chopra’s marriage to Nick Jonas, the damage had already been done. People complained on the show’s social media pages, noting that many of the blunders were considered rude and which they felt symbolised lack of respect for cultures.

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The hatred is a painful reminder of the significance of cultural differences and its relevance in present times especially in the aspect of media and entertainment. In light of the latest developments in her career and the forthcoming movie “Heads of State” where Priyanka Chopra will be acting along with Idris Elba and John Cena the fact remains that she is extremely popular and her influence is felt both in India as well as across the world and thus she deserves the respect.

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