Exclusive: Taylor Swift made cinnamon rolls for Travis Kelce before one of his games, reveals ex-NFL player

"Taylor Swift surprises Travis Kelce with homemade cinnamon rolls before a game, showcasing her kindness and adding sweetness to his pregame ritual.

Taylor Swift Sweet Gesture: Homemade Cinnamon Rolls for Travis Kelce’s Pregame Ritual

Taylor Swift made Travis Kelce homemade cinnamon rolls before game

 Bernie Kosar’s Revelation

Former NFL player Bernie Kosar recently shared a heartwarming story about pop sensation Taylor Swift’s thoughtful gesture toward Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. According to Bernie, Taylor prepared homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis before one of his recent games, leaving an indelible impression on everyone present.

 A Spectacular Meeting

In a conversation with Brendan Tobin and Leroy Hoard on Audacy’s AM 560 Sports WQAM, Bernie described his encounter with Taylor as “spectacular.” He highlighted her genuine attention to people and her considerate nature, emphasizing her role as an exemplary figure for young parents and kids to look up to.

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Viral Pictures and Pregame Meal

Bernie’s pictures with Taylor had recently gone viral, prompting him to reveal the backstory. The snapshots were taken during a pregame meal at Travis Kelce’s house just three hours before a game. Bernie praised Taylor not only for her kindness but also for personally making and bringing her homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis’s pregame ritual.

Taylor Swift made cinnamon rolls for Travis Kelce before game, says ex-NFL star - Hindustan Times

A Tempting Indulgence

Despite Bernie’s efforts to adhere to a vegan and gluten-free diet, he couldn’t resist the temptation of sampling Taylor’s cinnamon rolls on game day. The gesture reflected Taylor’s sincerity in making a connection with Travis and his friends through a shared meal.

Taylor’s Cinnamon Roll Revelation

Taylor Swift previously showcased her baking skills in 2020 when she posted pictures of her homemade cinnamon rolls, playfully captioned, “When you’re proud of your buns so you post them on the internet.” This revelation adds a delightful context to her recent act of kindness towards Travis Kelce.

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 Love in the Limelight

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift opened up about her romance with Travis Kelce, acknowledging their relationship publicly. She praised Travis for playfully trying to give her his phone number at a Missouri gas station and deemed his podcast callout “metal as hell.” Taylor revealed that their relationship started shortly after these incidents, with a significant amount of private time before making it public.

Proud of Each Other

Addressing the public nature of their relationship, Taylor expressed pride in being able to support Travis at his games and celebrate each other’s successes openly. She emphasized the authenticity of their connection and dismissed the notion of a publicized first date at a Kansas City Chiefs game, highlighting their mutual respect and admiration for each other.

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In summary, Taylor Swift’s homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis Kelce not only added a sweet touch to his pregame routine but also showcased the genuine and caring nature of the pop star. The couple’s journey from a playful introduction to a public acknowledgement of their relationship exemplifies a genuine connection built on shared experiences and mutual admiration.

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