Salman’s Stern Warning Shakes Bigg Boss 17: Emotional Turmoil Unveiled

Salman's Stern Warning Shakes Bigg Boss 17: Emotional Turmoil Unveiled

Salman Khan Rebukes Abhishek for Toxicity, Unleashing House Dynamics – A Rollercoaster Episode Unfolds in Bigg Boss 17 Drama

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Waar, host Salman Khan takes a stern stance against contestant Abhishek Kumar. The promo reveals Salman’s displeasure with Abhishek’s behavior inside the house, accusing him of being fake. The host scolds Abhishek for using derogatory language against his ex-girlfriend, Isha Malviya, who is also a participant in the show.

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Salman Slams Abhishek: Artificial Actions Exposed

Expressing his disapproval, Salman criticizes Abhishek’s actions, labeling him as the most artificial contestant in the Bigg Boss house. The host admonishes Abhishek for advising Isha to go somewhere for the night and warns him of the consequences had he made such comments in Salman’s presence.

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While some viewers feel Salman’s scolding is justified, others believe Isha should also face scrutiny for provoking Abhishek. The ongoing drama in the house sparks a debate among fans, with opinions divided on the fairness of Salman’s rebuke. The episode unfolds as a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing the complexities and tensions among contestants, adding another layer to the unpredictable narrative of Bigg Boss 17.

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