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Saharasri’s Legacy: Film Tribute on Bharat Express to Entrepreneurial Visionary Subrata Roy Sahara’s Impactful Journey and Enduring Legacy

Saharasri, the founder of Sahara India Group, is remembered on Bharat Express. The film on his life airs on Nov 23. Upendrra Rai pays tribute, highlighting Saharasri's multifaceted journey and lasting impac

A film honouring Saharasri, founder of Sahara India Group, airs on Bharat Express. Subrata Roy’s legacy touched millions, his life’s journey an inspirational tale of success and impact.

In remembrance of Saharasri, the visionary founder of the Sahara India Group, a film chronicling his extraordinary life is set to grace the screens of Bharat Express News channel on November pm 23 at 8 PM, followed by a heartfelt tribute. Subrata Roy Sahara, fondly known as ‘Saharasri,’ bid adieu to the world on November 14 at the age of 75, leaving a void in the business world that reverberated with mourning.

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Saharasri embarked on his entrepreneurial journey from Gorakhpur, laying the foundation of ‘Sahara India Pariwar,’ a conglomerate that would go on to illuminate the lives of millions of families. Upendrra Rai, Chairman of Bharat Express, shared a close association with Saharasri and was deeply moved by his passing. Rai reflected on Saharasri’s multifaceted persona, tracing the evolution from Chandan to Subrata Roy and ultimately to Sahara Shri, a journey marked by emotional poignancy. Rai considered it his duty to unveil the man behind the regal image, emphasizing Saharasri’s life of detachment, often misunderstood due to the surrounding glamour.


Expressing admiration for Saharasri’s depth of love and passion, Rai revealed a conversation held just 120 hours before the visionary’s demise. He marvelled at Saharasri’s acceptance of the inevitability of death, demonstrating an unusual sangfroid. The upcoming film on Bharat Express serves as a humble tribute from Rai and the entire news network to the departed soul.

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Saharasri’s legacy is inseparable from the heights he elevated Sahara India Pariwar to, reaching every household in the nation and extending his influence to London. The stature of ‘Saharasri’ attracted dignitaries from various fields, turning a job at Sahara Group into a coveted position akin to a government job. Although Saharasri is no longer with us, his journey from Bihar to Bengal, Gorakhpur to Lucknow, and London left an indelible mark. His posthumous recognition continues through numerous awards and honours, a testament to the unparalleled achievements of Saharasri during his impactful tenure.

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