Ricky Kej: National Anthem Maestro and Eco-Patriot

Grammy-winning artist Ricky Kej weaves the National Anthem “Jana gana mana” into his melodies, championing both love for the nation and ecological responsibility.

Rickey Kej: Harmonizing Notes of National Anthem and Environmental Advocacy

Ricky Kej, the acclaimed musician and three-time Grammy Award winner, has captured hearts worldwide with his exceptional musical talent and his dedication to promoting environmental consciousness and patriotism through his music. With an array of innovative projects and collaborations, Kej stands as a symbol of both artistic brilliance and social responsibility. In this piece, we’ll explore Kej’s remarkable take on the Indian national anthem, his performances for influential figures, and his commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues.

A Unique Musical Tribute

Scheduled for release on the eve of August 15, India’s Independence Day, Kej’s instrumental rendition of the Indian “Jana gana mana” is a significant musical offering. Teaming up with the renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra based in London, Kej aims to craft a definitive version of the anthem. This particular rendition holds a special place in Kej’s heart, as it’s the first melody he learned as a musician, resonating deeply with his soul. Collaborating with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra adds a distinct touch, with Kej leading the orchestra as they perform the anthem.

Championing Eco-Friendly Values

Kej’s dedication to environmental conservation shines through his music and performances. “Planet Voices,” one of his notable projects, is a celebration of nature’s beauty, advocating for eco-friendly lifestyles, responsible consumption, and the concept of a circular economy. This initiative aims to inspire individuals to make environmentally conscious choices and embrace innovative ideas that contribute to a more sustainable future. Kej’s efforts amplify the voices of changemakers and visionaries, encouraging collective action in safeguarding our planet.

Harmonious Performances for Notable Figures

Kej’s exceptional musical prowess has led him to perform for prominent leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His musical talent and dedication to social causes have earned him recognition and the opportunity to contribute to significant events that foster national pride and unity. Kej’s performances for leaders like Modi reflect his belief in the unifying power of music, conveying messages of love for one’s country and the environment.

Collaborations and Unique Interpretations

Kej’s collaborations with diverse artists have resulted in captivating renditions of the national anthem. In 2015, he created a version dedicated to India’s forests and natural beauty, highlighting the importance of preserving the nation’s ecological heritage. This rendition has become a signature piece in Kej’s performances, concluding each show with a moving tribute to India’s natural wonders. Additionally, Kej collaborated with refugees from various countries, uniting them in a rendition of the anthem as a gesture of gratitude to India for providing them a new home. These collaborations underscore Kej’s ability to connect across cultures, using music as a universal language of unity and appreciation.

The Creative Process 

Kej’s commitment to creating exceptional music is evident in his meticulous approach to the creative process. For his instrumental rendition of the national anthem, Kej recorded with 100 members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. The recording process involved careful coordination with each musician to ensure a harmonious and emotionally resonant performance. Kej’s attention to detail and determination to create a definitive version of the anthem shine through every step of the recording process.

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A Musical Gift to the People

Kej’s instrumental rendition of the national anthem is a self-funded project designed to be a gift to every Indian. By avoiding corporate involvement, Kej ensures that the rendition can be freely used without copyright restrictions. This gesture reflects his genuine desire to contribute to India’s cultural heritage and allow people to use the rendition with respect and pride. Kej’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in his music aligns with his core values as an artist and environmental advocate.

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