Delhi Court Bans Chinese Manjha Sales for Independence Day Kite-Flying, Citing Safety Concerns

Delhi High Court directs police to prevent Chinese manjha sale during Independence Day kite season, responding to injury petitions. Proactive measures and dealer engagement emphasized.

Delhi HC instructs police to prevent Chinese manjha sale during Independence Day kite-flying season, addressing safety concerns and responding to petitions seeking action and compensation for injuries.

The Delhi High Court has issued a directive to the city’s police department to ensure the prevention of the sale of Chinese manjha within the national capital during the upcoming Independence Day period, traditionally marked as a “kite-flying season.” Justice Prathiba M Singh acknowledged the Delhi police’s proactive measures to curtail the circulation of Chinese manjha. The police reported registering 284 cases from February 16 to August 3 in their bid to combat this hazard.

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High Court Seeks 'Comprehensive Report' From Delhi Police On Sale And Supply Of Banned Chinese Manjha In National Capital

In a recent order released on Thursday, the court mandated the Delhi Police to persist in their efforts to curb the sale of Chinese manjha during the approaching Independence Day season, which sees increased kite-flying activities.

The court’s attention was drawn to four petitions filed by families who suffered losses or injuries due to Chinese manjha, particularly while riding motorcycles. These petitioners sought both corrective actions and compensation from the relevant authorities.

A court order dated August 8 detailed that the police had undertaken significant steps to enforce the ban on stockpiling, sale, storage, and production of the banned thread. Regular legal actions have been initiated as necessary. A pivotal development was a meeting convened with wholesale kite and manjha dealers. During the meeting, dealers were informed of the comprehensive prohibition on kite-flying thread made from synthetic materials like nylon or plastic, commonly known as Chinese manjha. They were further directed to provide information regarding any vendors engaging in the sale of the prohibited product.

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This initiative by the Delhi High Court underscores the serious concerns regarding the safety hazards posed by Chinese manjha and seeks to ensure a safer environment during the festive season. By taking legal steps and reinforcing bans through active engagement with dealers, the court aims to reduce the risks associated with this banned kite-flying material.

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