Rakhi Sawant Alleges Husband Sold Intimate Videos, Plans Divorce

Rakhi Sawant accuses estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani of selling her intimate honeymoon videos; plans divorce after troubled marriage.

Rakhi Sawant alleges her estranged husband sold her intimate videos from their honeymoon; vows to file for divorce, and denies considering him husband.

Rakhi Sawant, a well-known actress, has made serious allegations against her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani. In a recent press conference, she claimed that Adil had sold a collection of her intimate videos for a reported sum of ₹47-50 lakh. These videos were apparently recorded during their honeymoon, capturing moments of her in vulnerable situations such as sitting in a tub, showering in the bathroom, and being in bed with him. Rakhi expressed her dismay, revealing that these videos were sold to an individual of Arab origin. She emphasized that these videos were deeply personal and condemned Adil’s actions.

Rakhi also shed light on the circumstances surrounding her marriage to Adil. She recounted how she was coaxed into a trip to Mysore under the pretext of receiving a gifted car from Adil’s sister. However, upon arrival, she found herself locked in a room with Adil and his associates. Rakhi alleged that during this incident, her clothes were forcibly torn off, subjecting her to distressing and humiliating behaviour.

Despite these distressing experiences, Rakhi revealed that Adil later expressed a desire to marry her and persuaded her to give the relationship another chance. They eventually got married in Goa, but Rakhi declared that she did not consider Adil her husband and was determined to file for a divorce.

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