‘He beats me, We Were Planning Baby’- Rakhi Sawant After Adil Durrani’s Arrest

Rakhi Sawant inconsolable after her husband was detained by Mumbai police, fainted while interacting with media.

Rakhi Sawant’s aka drama queen’s life is no less than a publicity stunt among the masses. However, her married life seems to be in serious trouble.

A few days back, Rakhi accused her husband, Adil Khan Durrani of cheating with another woman. She posted several videos on Instagram giving out minute-to-minute deets of her marriage.

As per recent reports, Adil has been arrested by Oshiwara Police based on Sawant’s complaint.

He thrashed me badly- Rakhi Sawant in her complaint

Rakhi Sawant filed a complaint of domestic violence and looting of 1.5 crores from her. In one of her videos, she even went on to blame Adil for her mother’s death. She said, “They Have killed my mother. If he (Adil) had paid for her treatment, she might have survived”.

Rakhi has now revealed the name of the girl with whom Adil was cheating on her. It’s Nivedita Chandel urf, Tanu. Nivedita is an actress and lives in Mumbai. She has done a couple of music videos.

Rakhi also alleged that Adil married Nivedita 3 years ago.

Adil broke his silence: I don’t want to end up like SSR

A few days ago Adil posted a long note on his Instagram story replying against the hatred he is receiving from the masses. 

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“Doesn’t mean if I don’t talk about a woman back I am wrong. It’s only because I respect my religion and I have learned to respect women. The day I open my mouth and speak what I am going through and what she is doing with me she can’t even open her mouth after that. So the only reason she wants to come every day and tell people that Adil is bad and bad”, said Adil in his post.

He further added, “The way she tells I’ll be in fridge (referring to Shraddha murder case) even I can say I don’t want to be Sushant Singh Rajput. A sensible guy like me who stood for her and gave her a lifestyle and everything easy to tell he didn’t come with 1 rupee to Mumbai. Hats off to you nice exit plan but not smart enough.”

Adil added that Rakhi has asked the media not to cover him anymore as he would tell them the truth. “I can make you a hero or a zero, media I will hold your legs don’t go to Adil’. Why? Because he will come up with facts. Why are you afraid of that?” asked Adil.

We were planning a baby together

As per a recent update, her fans were expecting a patch-up between the couple after they were spotted together in a restaurant eating together. They even fed each other in front of the media. However, Ex Bigg Boss contestant made it clear that she is not looking for a rebound now and will not forgive her husband ever.

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“Dason baar unhone maafi maangi hai. Matter khatam karo. 50 baar mene unhe maaf kiya hoga. Saat aath mahine ki shaadi mein teen se chaar ladkiyon ko churraya hai Maine. Jo mental trauma, pressure…duniya aur media ke darr se mein sab sehti rahi. People will say this is my second marriage and blame me. That is why I suffered in silence”, said Rakhi angrily.

She further revealed that the newlywed couple was planning a baby together. “I got operated on before entering Bigg Boss so we could conceive a child. Adil destroyed everything.”

Rakhi Sawant is going back and forth to Oshiwara police station since her husband Adil Durrani was detained by the police. While speaking to the media she even fainted.

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